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New ‘porn passport’ could be bad news for people who watch it too much

Spain is experimenting with a fresh initiative, however, there is a possibility of it leading…

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Item half of British adults take regularly linked to risk of early death

Replace the pill with a carrot and have a snack. In a world where everyone…

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Tesla Raises Alarm Over Incoming Speed Limit Laws!

The legislation may impact how the company manufactures its vehicles. A new law on speed…

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Netflix Viewers Hooked on ‘Must-Watch’ Series Rated 10/10

The well-liked Netflix series will be returning for a new season. Netflix users are excitedly…

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Expert Warns of ‘Fungi Apocalypse’ Threatening Humanity, Similar to Last of Us Scenario

A professor with more than 1,000 papers on the topic has shared concerning information. A…

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The latest embarrassing information about Justin Timberlake’s arrest is going to spoil the tour.

The police officer seemed to have no idea about his identity. Justin Timberlake was arrested…

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New Warning Sign Identifies When You Could Be Addicted to Vaping

Vaping has become increasingly popular in the past ten years, as many people have chosen…

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Horror Film Stuns Cannes With Explicit Sex, Gets “Anti-Award”

The movie contains a significant amount of explicit sexual scenes and violent scenes. You can…

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iOS 18 Update Bridges Gap with Android Features on iPhone

Apple's latest release of iOS 18 has caused quite a stir in the tech world.…

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Avicii’s Last Words Unveiled 6 Years Posthumously, Leaving Fans Heartbroken 💔

Caution: This article includes talk about suicide that may cause distress to certain readers. Additional…

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