Tesla Raises Alarm Over Incoming Speed Limit Laws!

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The legislation may impact how the company manufactures its vehicles.

A new law on speed limits will be implemented next week, which is expected to impact how we drive.

Starting from 7 July, a fresh EU regulation mandates the installation of speed limiters in all newly manufactured cars in Europe.

This means you can't exceed the '10 percent rule' anymore.

The latest Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) systems utilize cameras that recognize speed signs and/or GPS to inform drivers about the speed limit and alert them if they exceed it.

Advanced systems can also automatically restrict the speed of the .

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New laws set to be introduced next week will see mandatory speed limiters fitted to all new cars made in Europe. (Peter Dazeley/)

However, even though experts claim that implementing ISA systems will greatly decrease the chances of penalties, not everyone is pleased with the new law.

Auto Trader mentioned that drivers may find warning signals for speeding annoying.

Questions also exist about how accurate the technology is and if it's advanced sufficiently to perform the task well.

There are times when forward-facing cameras equipped with traffic-sign recognition fail to detect speed changes. Additionally, there have been cases where a car's navigation mistakenly assumes that the vehicle has left a motorway.

When a car signals you to slow down from 70 to 30 mph, it could create a big problem. Tesla has also commented on the new speed limiters.

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Tesla has raised concerns about how the new law will effect their cars, as well as the technology's effectiveness. (National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images)

The new law mandates that the visual warning for speeding must be placed directly in front of the driver's eyes.

The manufacturer's Model 3 faces a significant problem as it showcases all on the central dashboard screen. To comply with the regulations, they will need to incorporate a head-up display.

's car has also expressed dissatisfaction with the law's demand for the ISA system to interpret signs beyond the speed limit.

This involves markers indicating the beginning and end of city boundaries, zones, and various other factors that determine the speed limit.

According to AutoTrader, they mentioned that numerous signs indicate the need for recognizable text or small sign modifiers. However, these can be challenging to clearly perceive from a distance using camera-only systems.

This relates directly to widespread concerns about the technology's effectiveness.

Camera-only systems often fail to detect speed changes, which is particularly common on motorways. Additionally, road signs can sometimes be obscured by roadside vegetation.

The European Commission has mentioned that the driver is always accountable for following the traffic rules. The ISA system is designed to assist the driver by giving alerts when necessary.

Basically, it's still your fault if you go over the limit.

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