Netflix Viewers Hooked on ‘Must-Watch’ Series Rated 10/10

Netflix Viewers Hooked on 'Must-Watch' Series Rated 10/10

The well-liked Netflix series will be returning for a new season.

Netflix users are excitedly discussing the newest series that they can't stop watching, and there's great news for fans because another season is on its way.

There are plenty of options available on Netflix, so much so that you can sometimes feel overwhelmed when trying to decide what to watch.

According to these viewers, you might not have to scroll as much next , so your dinner won't get cold.

Netflix Viewers Hooked on 'Must-Watch' Series Rated 10/10

People shared their thoughts on the series on . (ABC)

Occasionally, you may desire a television series that offers effortless , featuring uncomplicated storylines and sufficient suspense that allows you to unwind and savor it.

Similar to other programs of its kind, the show follows a straightforward concept where the main character finds themselves in unfamiliar territory and faces difficulties adapting to a new set of challenges.

The audience has shown great in the show, which brings a fresh twist to the traditional procedural format.

What's the name of the show on Netflix that viewers are obsessed with?

The main character in The Rookie is played by Nathan Fillion, who is known for his role in Firefly.

If you haven't watched it yet, here's a taste of what you can if you choose to give The Rookie a try.

John Nolan, a man in his 40s, becomes the LAPD's youngest rookie cop in the show.

Fillion is part of the main cast with Alyssa Diaz, Richard T. Jones, Titus Makin, Mercedes Mason, and Melissa O'Neil, along with several other actors.

Nolan's adventure continues as he assists in foiling a bank heist and then relocates to Los Angeles to embark on a fresh career with the LAPD.

The show's concept revolves around the idea that the LAPD is unique in allowing individuals over the age of 37 to join the force.

Netflix Viewers Hooked on 'Must-Watch' Series Rated 10/10

Nathan Fillion in The Rookie. (ABC)

Members of the Facebook group Netflix Bangers discussed their opinions about the show.

Someone said the first season and a half was great, but then it got too unrealistic for them.

Another person commented: “I enjoyed how it felt like a genuine police show, but with an engaging plot. However, now it appears incredibly unrealistic and out of touch.”

Another user commented: “I'm currently on the final season and I don't want it to come to an end.”

Netflix Viewers Hooked on 'Must-Watch' Series Rated 10/10

Mekia Cox shared a snap on as season seven gets underway. (@mekiacox/Instagram)

It appears that luck might be on the side of the third person, as a new season of the well-liked show is currently being developed.

According to a report from Screenrant, there are rumors that several original cast members will be returning for the show's seventh season. This upcoming season will mark the seventh installment of the series.

Mekia Cox recently shared a photo on Instagram featuring the cast of ‘The Rookie' Season 7 on set. It was a special moment for everyone involved.

There is very little available about the upcoming series, and the release date has not been confirmed yet.
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