Tesla Cybertruck: Next-Level Police Upgrade Turns It Into Robocop!


The Cybertruck is getting ready for police duty in the upcoming year. It will have lights, sirens, radios, and other tactical features.

  • UP.FIT, a branch of Unplugged Performance, recently revealed their intentions to customize Tesla Cybertrucks specifically for law enforcement purposes.
  • The Cybertruck patrol edition will come with various features like lights, sirens, radio and computer equipment, and an optional front push bar.
  • Orders are currently available, and UP.FIT expects the initial deployment of Cybertruck patrol vehicles to take place later this year.

If you happen to see a Tesla Cybertruck behind you, you might feel inclined to stop—either to appreciate its sharp as it goes by or due to its commanding, robotic look. Nevertheless, you might soon need to pull over for another purpose. UP.FIT, a branch of Tesla known as Unplugged Performance, has revealed their intentions to convert Cybertrucks for police use, and the initial shipments are expected to begin later this year.


UP.FIT has experience adapting various Tesla models for police use, such as the Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X. The Cybertruck will come equipped with different lights and sirens, like fender-mounted spotlights, a PA , and upgraded radio and computer systems. Police departments can choose to add a front push bar, and the ready-to-patrol Cybertruck will have 18-inch forged wheels.


UP.FIT provides customized modifications for the Cybertruck to tactical, military, and search-and-rescue missions. They can incorporate prisoner partitions, weapons storage, and K9 enclosures. Furthermore, UP.FIT can enhance the truck's brakes and tires and optimize it for intense off-road conditions. As an additional option, you can also choose to have Starlink , which is offered by Elon Musk's SpaceX.


UP.FIT showcases the Cybertruck's “stainless steel exoskeleton,” praising it as their toughest vehicle yet. Tesla claims that the body can endure gunfire from certain small arms. The also highlights the truck's excellent handling and driver-assistance , making it a perfect choice for police duty. Although no specific range or price is mentioned, UP.FIT states that their other Tesla police vehicles usually have a range of 270 to 300 miles and cost approximately $90,000.

UP.FIT has announced that orders for its police Cybertruck are now open, indicating a significant level of . Keep an eye out for the imposing Cybertruck on the highway median, as it shouldn't be hard to spot.

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