Texas’ Latest Water Park Tailored for Kids with Disabilities

Morgan's Wonderland in San Antonio, Texas, ensures that children with disabilities can enjoy all the summer fun.

All areas of the recently opened park, called Inspiration Island, can be easily accessed by wheelchair users, and individuals with disabilities can enter for free.

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Photo credit: Robin Jerstad / Jerstad Photographics

Morgan's Inspiration Island offers additional attractions such as waterproof wristbands with RFID for parents to monitor their children. There is also a tall lighthouse and a water play zone called Rainbow Reef. This area has the option to warm the water for guests who are sensitive to the cold.

Gordon Hartman, the owner, mentioned in a statement that the Morgan's Wonderland team sought advice from water park experts, doctors, special education professionals, and special needs experts. They also gathered feedback from teachers, parents, and caregivers in the local community.

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Photo credit: Robin Jerstad / Jerstad Photographics

The park provides special spots for visitors to switch from their regular wheelchairs to waterproof ones.

Gordon announced the launch of innovative wheelchairs powered by compressed air in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh. These special PneuChairs are designed for guests at Morgan's Inspiration Island who use expensive battery-powered wheelchairs that cannot get wet.

The team at Morgan's Wonderland aims to guarantee a worry-free and enjoyable experience for all its guests with the assistance of 25 ultra-accessible attractions and special features.

Gordon mentioned that Morgan's Wonderland offers a place for people with special needs to have fun and play freely.

Learn more about Morgan's Wonderland/Inspiration Island on their Website / Instagram.

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