The Simpsons decided to get rid of a beloved character after being on the show for 35 years.

He may not be as popular as Barney, but he's still a well-liked character in The Simpsons.

Why The Simpsons killed off popular character after 35 years on the show

TV show deaths can be really heartbreaking to watch. Specially in famous show like The Simpsons.

You spend so many years of your just watching someone, and then suddenly, they pass away right before your very eyes.

Fans of The Simpsons don't usually have to face too many of these situations, but there was one moment that really surprised everyone and stuck in their minds.

The Simpsons has predicted something correctly again.

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Everyone knows Larry the Barfly, who was always at Moe's Tavern and loved to have a good .

He has made us laugh a lot throughout the years, especially because of his funny talks and for drinking Duff beer as if it's with his friends.

But, in episode 765, the people in charge of the show made a brave choice to make something happen to a character that was loved by the fans of the show for 35 years.

Larry unexpectedly passes away while at the bar during ‘Cremains the Day'.

Larry the Barfly was the latest Simpsons character to die. Disney

Larry the Barfly was the latest Simpsons character to die. Disney

The upcoming scene depicts a poignant moment involving Homer, Moe, Lenny, and Carl at Larry's funeral, as they come to the realization that they are unaware of many aspects of their longtime friend's life.

Fans were devastated by this unexpected turn in the show's storyline and wasted no time in expressing their disappointment with how the show shattered their hearts.

They discussed their opinions on his passing on X.

A user posted the day prior to the episode's broadcast: “I just found out that they will be writing off Larry from The Simpsons tomorrow. I need a moment to process this.”

One expressed their enjoyment of the recent episode of The Simpsons, however, they couldn't help but question the absence of Larry's closest companion, Sam.

One individual expressed: “Oh my goodness, Larry from the Simpsons has passed away. May he rest in peace, our beloved drunken king.”

Co-executive producer Tim Long expressed his regret to TMZ for causing distress among fans and clarified that the intention behind the character's demise was to make a significant impact on the audience.

What was the reason behind selecting Larry out of everyone?

The group mourn the loss of Larry the Barfly. Disney

The group mourn the loss of Larry the Barfly. Disney

Long continued by expressing his desire to make a strong impact on the audience through Larry's death, as he was a beloved character despite his limited role in The Simpsons.

He informed Variety via email that although some fans may be disappointed, the intention behind using Larry's death was to emphasize the value and dignity of even the most peripheral individuals in our lives, reminding us not to overlook anyone.

It becomes evident in the following sequences following his demise that it unites the members of the Tavern crew to reflect upon their friend, their treatment towards him, and the means by which they could sustain such a enduring companionship without acquiring any intimate about him.

The characters intended to have a moment of self-reflection, and they achieved precisely that.

Long mentioned in his email that Larry's life ended in a manner that could be likened to a Shakespearean tragedy: intoxicated, isolated, and with an unexpected possession of sapphires.

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