Viewers are obsessed with ‘criminally underrated’ show ‘even better than Breaking Bad’

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The show is ‘criminally underrated'

Being likened to Breaking Bad is a huge compliment, since the show is widely considered one of the three shows ever.

Being compared to Walter White's story indicates that a show is either overhyped or one of the greatest TV shows ever.

Some people claim that this show is superior to Breaking Bad at certain points during its run.

the preview and decide if you believe it's being overly promoted.

Snowfall is a highly acclaimed show with four seasons out of its six-season run receiving a perfect score of 100% on .

Snowfall depicts the story of an American crime navigating the drug scene in the 1980s, opting to enter the cocaine trade.

Version 1: Damson Idris, one of the top prospects for the role of James Bond, leads the show which has an impressive score of 8.4 on IMDb.

The show was recommended and some comments on Reddit said it was even better than Breaking Bad at times.

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Sorry Walter, fans reckon this show is better. (AMC)

The person wanted recommendations for TV series like Breaking Bad, Ozark, and Weeds.

Another person recommended Snowfall, adding that there were some parts they were even better than Breaking Bad.

Someone else mentioned that they liked Snowfall even more than Breaking Bad, stating that it is not getting the recognition it deserves.

A fan praised the show as a ‘masterpiece' and expressed disappointment that Rick Ross didn't receive recognition for his work on Snowfall.

The Rick Ross being discussed is not the rapper, but the who many think the show is inspired by.

‘Freeway Rick Ross' built a drug empire in Los Angeles in the 1980s by mainly selling cocaine.

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Freeway Rick Ross. (Johnny Nunez via )

Nope, doesn't sound familiar at all…

Version 1: Ross received a sentence when he was captured, but he was freed in 2009 following an appeal.

During an interview, Ross claimed that the show had taken his life story without permission. He expressed his frustration in a conversation with Shirley Ju on Shirley's Temple, stating, “That's my life story, they took it.”

“It's so much to it. It's my story and they're benefitting off it.

“I'm not benefitting.”

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Many believe Snowfall is based on his life. (FX)

As a viewer, it's possible for both to be true – the show is a huge success like Breaking Bad, and we can all wish that he receives recognition if the story is really based on his life.

Right now, you can watch all of Snowfall on Hulu, and according to its fans, it's a must-see.
Image Credit: FX / AMC

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