Why It’s Time to Abandon the “Summer Body” Concept

During the summer, as we browse through our feeds, we may feel the mental burden to take action regarding our bodies. Images, videos, posts, and articles portray an idealized image of a summer body – one that is slim, toned, and has tight abs. The weight stigma associated with warm weather can have a detrimental impact on our mental well-being and self-esteem. We might feel disheartened that we haven't attained the “perfect summer body” that would make us shine in bathing suits.

A “ body” is simply any body at the beach. We should feel free to enjoy ourselves at any without pressured. Bright Side examined why we should avoid terms like “summer body,” “beach body,” or “bikini body,” and here's why.

We can enjoy summer or any other time in life without needing to look a certain way.

Why It's Time to Abandon the "Summer Body" Concept

The of having a “summer body” or a “beach body” can create unrealistic expectations for us. It makes us believe that we need to look a certain way in order to do certain things, like wearing a bathing and enjoying the beach during summertime. When we fail to achieve this goal, it can lead to frustration, anxiety, or even eating disorders. The truth is, if you have a body and you put on a bikini, you already have that “bikini body” and it's perfect enough to fully enjoy summer at the beach.

Why It's Time to Abandon the "Summer Body" Concept

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Our well-being should be our top priority.

Why It's Time to Abandon the "Summer Body" Concept

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Many individuals can utilize the dissatisfaction and body shame caused by the constant emphasis on having a “bikini body” to offer various dieting or workout plans. However, it is important to understand that these plans often have nothing to do with improving our health. What we should recognize is that we need to take care of our bodies throughout the year, with the primary goal of becoming healthier and stronger both physically and mentally, rather than solely focusing on looking better on the beach. Instead of body shame and unrealistic standards, what we truly need are realistic and healthy goals.

It's time for us to change the narrative.

Why It's Time to Abandon the "Summer Body" Concept

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Experts recommend a shift in focus from promoting thin beach bodies to embracing body positivity. This involves valuing and enjoying your own body, recognizing that it is already good enough for everything, including sunbathing on the beach.

Why It's Time to Abandon the "Summer Body" Concept

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Here are a few useful tips to help you begin embracing your body positively and combat the “beach body” mindset.

  • Trust your body and be aware of your eating habits, rather than strictly following restrictive diets. Pay attention to your body's cravings and fulfill them. Discover a pleasurable way to engage in physical exercises and maintain mindful eating, physical activities, and other healthy habits throughout the entire year, not only leading up to summer.
  • Adorn yourself with . Find the perfect summer outfits, wear them, and own your style!
  • Take control of your social media. Pause scrolling through your feed or unfollow accounts that encourage unrealistic body ideals and pressure you to achieve a “summer body.” Surround yourself with individuals who embrace body positivity.

Make sure you enjoy all the summer activities without letting others' hold you back.

Why It's Time to Abandon the "Summer Body" Concept

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What are your thoughts on the idea of having a “summer body”? Have you ever felt the need to alter your appearance to “look better” at the beach?

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