Widow shares tragic final words of husband fatally electrocuted in holiday jacuzzi.

Widow shares tragic final words of husband fatally electrocuted in holiday jacuzzi.

Lizzette Zambrano has shared her heartbreaking story of losing her husband, Jorge Guillen, while they were on vacation in Mexico.

The wife of a who sadly passed away after getting electrocuted in a tub during their vacation has shared the chilling last words her husband spoke.

Lizzette Zambrano, 35, shared her sadness over the passing of her dear partner Jorge Guillen, 43, while they were on vacation at a resort in Puerto Peñasco, .

The pair, hailing from Texas, were having a pleasant on their vacation in the popular holiday destination. They decided to relax in a jacuzzi at a private resort around 8:30pm on June 11th, as reported by authorities in Sonora state.

Jorge accidentally stepped into the hot tub and was shocked by an electric current, causing him to be stuck underwater. His wife was also affected by the shock and experienced the same situation.

Witnesses saw that the couple was not moving in the , so they called for help and tried to perform CPR, as reported by the General Prosecutor's Office.

The kind people who attempted to assist were also surprised by the water because of an ‘electrical discharge'.

Widow shares tragic final words of husband fatally electrocuted in holiday jacuzzi.

Lizzette Zambrano has spoken out about the loss of her husband, Jorge Guillen. (GoFundMe)

Jorge and Lizzette were quickly taken to the hospital after the accident. Unfortunately, he passed away, while she remained in critical condition.

The widow recently sued in El Paso, Texas, claiming wrongful death and negligence. She argues that it took the resort staff 10 minutes to respond and that the hotel failed to inform guests about the risks.

Tej Paranjpe, a lawyer at PMR law in Houston, described the incident as ‘frightening' and stated that no staff member stepped in while Jorge was being shocked repeatedly underwater.

“There is no reason this should have happened,” Paranjpe said.

Hotels and resorts must prioritize guest . The resort staff failed to act by not activating the emergency shut-off or informing guests about a hazardous amenity.

Lizette recently commented on the tragedy, expressing her belief that it could have been avoided.

During an interview with ABC News' Good Morning America, she expressed her disbelief and sadness over the loss of her husband. Through tears, she stated, “I'm still in shock. We lost an incredible man.”

Widow shares tragic final words of husband fatally electrocuted in holiday jacuzzi.

The widow says she ‘wants somebody to take accountability'. (Good Morning America)

Lizette says that a problem with the wiring caused an electric shock in the water, leading to Jorge's passing.

The grieving widow, still devastated, shared her husband's last words, saying, “I need someone to be responsible for what happened to both my husband and me.”

“The last thing I remember him saying is, ‘Oh s**t'.

I experienced the initial electric shock at that very moment, and it continued to happen repeatedly. I couldn't hear him anymore as the shocks grew stronger. Many people tried to intervene, but they quickly retreated due to the intensity of the shocks.

Lizette was pulled out of the water with a pulse and quickly taken to the hospital. She later heard nurses mention that her husband had passed away.

Experts emphasize the importance of being vigilant to prevent hot tub electrocution caused by faulty lighting and pumps. Although it is a rare incident, ensuring that the equipment is properly maintained is crucial.

After the unfortunate event, a GoFundMe campaign has been created to assist with medical bills and bring Jorge's body back home.

Our closest companions went through a terrible accident. Jorge possessed a kind and caring , always supporting his loved ones. The bond they had was timeless and filled with .

“We are asking for your help to bring him home and help with medical expenses for her.”

At the time of , the GoFundMe has raised $56,326 (£44,606) of its $60,000 (£47,500) goal.

If you want to donate, click here.

Image Credit: Good Morning America/GoFundMe

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