David Beckham Faces Backlash Over ‘Inappropriate’ Photo With Daughter Harper

David Beckham had a lovely with his daughter, Harper, on Saturday when he brought her to a soccer match in Miami, Florida. Although they looked cute together, some people didn't agree with their body language.

David Beckham

Rebecca Blackwell/Associated Press/East News

The 49-year-old celebrity, who is a co-owner of the club, wished for his 12-year-old daughter, Harper, to bring him good luck in the MLS game. Unfortunately, Beckham's team only ended up with a tie.

David and Harper appeared to be in good moods as they were captured on camera, smiling and having a great time.

David Beckham

Rebecca Blackwell/Associated Press/East News

During most of the game, Beckham appeared cheerful, showcasing his sense in a navy blue paired with a matching T-shirt.

Harper imitated her fashion designer mother, Victoria, by donning a trendy pink shirt and jeans. To complete her outfit, she carried a fashionable, little yellow purse.

David Beckham


Showing his as a dad, he lovingly embraced Harper as they watched the game, their laughter emphasizing their strong connection.

The famous dad was also cuddled by his 12-year-old daughter, who seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the match.

David Beckham

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Many online fans praised the close bond between the father and his daughter. One fan said, “She looks lovely, and he appears to be an dad,” while another mentioned, “I admire how much her father cherishes her. It must be special to be the youngest girl with 3 older brothers.”

David Beckham


Some people didn't like how David was showing affection. One person said, “Beckham should understand that his daughter is getting older. He can't hug her like he did when she was 5.” Another person commented, “Awkward photos…she looks like she's 18, it seems very inappropriate.”

We appreciate the close relationship between this father and daughter. Richard Gere, another famous person, was seen out with his recently. His 24-year-old son made a rare public appearance, and many people were impressed by his looks.

Preview photo credit CHRIS ARJOON/AFP/East News, Rebecca Blackwell/Associated Press/East News

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