Former Miss Croatia’s Viral World Cup Fame Sparks Ambitious Euro Plans!

Ivana Knoll

The Croatian model, who became famous at the World Cup two years ago, has now shared her upcoming goals for the Euros.

The ex-Miss Croatia who became famous during the previous World Cup is preparing for the upcoming Euros.

Ivana Knoll, the popular influencer, recently discussed her preparations for the upcoming football tournament, her response to her viral moment at the World Cup, and her future plans in a recent interview.

The Euros will give Knoll another chance to make an impact, as soccer fans will surely be watching for her in the stands throughout Germany in the coming month.

Credit: /@knolldoll

Knoll, aged 26, experienced her in the limelight during the Qatar 2022 World Cup when a cameraman spotted her among the crowd. It was then that people discovered she was previously Miss Croatia. As a result, her Instagram following soared to its current count of three million followers.

The Euros start on Friday 14 June, as Germany hosts Scotland at Bayern Munich's Allianz Arena.

Knoll is focused on making an impact at the tournament, aiming for a specific goal while everyone watches the game.

Even though Knoll became famous in the Middle East, her clothing choices in public in the Muslim country could have led to her being arrested. She demanded that the country respect her lifestyle.

Knoll has announced that she will stay in Germany throughout the tournament, supporting her home country Croatia, as they aim to surprise everyone and exceed expectations.

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She has revealed all in a recent interview. (Insta / @knolldoll)

However, her ultimate aim in football is not only to gain and increase her social media followers. In fact, it goes far beyond that.

Knoll aspires to secure a permanent football job through the tournament.

She told BILD that she dreams of working as a TV presenter for the Bundesliga because of her strong connection to Germany and the lack of a league in Croatia.

I used to be a fan of Leverkusen when I was a , but now I prefer Bayern.

The influencer has already started to distance herself from social media. She has also dabbled in DJ'ing, mentioning, “I'm a techno DJ and would be thrilled to perform at a venue.”

Knoll disclosed that he prefers Berlin, known as a techno mecca. If not in Berlin, he performs gigs for his sponsors and occasionally gives interviews.

After the Euros, she mentioned her plans for the future. She said, “I will be traveling around the world as a DJ, performing in Greece, Morocco, Montenegro, and Croatia, among other countries.” She also mentioned that she would go back to Miami, where she had been living for the past two years.

image 168

She unveiled her long-term plans. (Insta / @knolldoll)

Knoll also disclosed that she was born in Germany and resided there until the age of eight. Additionally, she conducted the entire interview in German.

She mentioned that Luka Modric, the legendary player from Real Madrid and Croatia, was her favorite. However, she recognized that the 38-year-old might retire soon.

The influencer also disclosed that after the World Cup, many people requested her to join OnlyFans, but she decided to keep her distance from it.

During the World Cup in Qatar, many people attempted to persuade me to join OnlyFans. However, that's not something I'm interested in, it goes against my upbringing.

I once got invited to an interview in New York. But when I arrived, I realized they were just trying to get me to join OnlyFans. I was very upset.

The attempts ceased after that, but now, prior to the European Championships, I am receiving numerous emails and calls once more. I consistently decline.

Image Credit: Insta/@knolldoll

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