Hollywood Body Double Spills: Replacing A-List Stars in Steamy Scenes


The lady has experience in movies like Fight Club and Crank.

You may believe that you would easily recognize the big Hollywood stars if you saw them in public.

Their faces are everywhere when a popular movie is released. And if that includes intimate or naked scenes, you might initially believe you're getting a full view of the famous person.

A body-double has disclosed the big names she has substituted for – always with the consent of the original .

Laura Grady mentioned to Vulture that when she needs to fill in, it's not because the actors lack great bodies.

Sometimes, they don't have enough to do a B-camera roll or something similar. It's not always because the actress isn't comfortable, she clarified.

The dancer, model, and actress has an impressive list of credits as a body double and experienced some of her most memorable moments.

In 1998, Grady made an appearance in the movie “Slums of Beverly Hills” as Marisa Tomei's body double. She was described as the kindest lady ever.


Laura Grady (not pictured) has stepped in as a body double for a wide range of actors, including Marisa Tomei in Slums of Beverly Hills. (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

It was only a small amount of nudity for a scene where trying on bras and coming out of a shower – easy and fun work it seems.

The had the opportunity to be a body-double for Helena Bonham Carter in Fight Club, which was her most beloved gig.

Grady mentioned that she spent around two weeks solely filming scenes in due to the heavy workload.

She described how they had a body double for Brad Pitt, spending two weeks with David Fincher on a set and green-screen, reenacting all the scenes.

Throughout the day, I caught glimpses of Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter, but they were never in the scenes I was in. The body doubles took care of their parts, while Brad and Helena did their own thing.


(20th Century Fox)

“So I never got to interact with Brad, unfortunately.”

Grady mentioned that a scene in Fight Club was the most complex sex scene she has ever filmed, and it was quite intense.

She has also worked as a body double for Piper Perabo in Coyote Ugly for a scene with Adam Garcia, and for Lou Diamond Phillips when she replaced Robin Tunney in Supernova.

She has also worked as a stand-in for Patricia Arquette in , Jessica Boehrs in EuroTrip, and Robin Wright in State of Play.


Grady was the body double for the outdoor scene with Statham. (Lionsgate)

She had the “most enjoyable moment on set” when she worked as Amy Smart's body double in the movie Crank.

She collaborated with Jason Statham on that reservation, and he made her feel very at ease.

She recalls thinking, “Today is not so bad. I'm going to be shirtless for Jason Statham. I'll be fine.”

Well, fair enough.

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox/Touchstone Pictures

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