Horror movie was so disturbing director had to prove he didn’t murder his actors

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The film was very unsettling, so they had to demonstrate that they didn't actually harm the actors.

While enjoying a good romcom, we often wish that the chemistry between the actors is genuine. Similarly, when watching an action movie, we hope that the performed their own stunts.

I believe that when people horror movies, this desire is not as common.

Sometimes, twisted individuals will deceive actors and murder them for a so-called ‘movie', which is referred to as ‘snuff films'.

In the 80s, there was a horror movie that was so well made and disturbing that some people believed it was a snuff , even though it wasn't.

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You can get why people the film was real when watching. (United Artists)

Movie enthusiasts were surprised by the lifelike horror and violence, as were the officials, who accused the filmmaker of homicide. Prior to moving forward, it is crucial to emphasize a key point.

Before we proceed, it is essential to highlight one important detail.

We do not suggest watching a snuff film. This is definitely not a snuff film.

After being arrested, the director was later acquitted of murder when it was revealed that the actors were actually alive.

The movie we're talking about is named Cannibal Holocaust. It follows a group of documentary filmmakers who disappear while searching for cannibal tribes in the forest.

Ruggero Deodato, the director, aimed for extreme realism in the film's gore, and went further by making his actors sign contracts to prevent them from appearing in the media or taking on other projects for a whole year.

This technique was one later used in The Blair Witch Project where they had actors sign agreements to stay out of the media and not take other roles to add realism with an element of ‘… did they… actually die…?'

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The film is horrifying. (United Artists)

Cannibal Holocaust is one of the first found footage films and is considered a pioneer in the genre.

The filming was intense, as the actors had to perform in the Colombian weather, often naked, portraying scenes of sexual assault, murder, and animal killings.

The movie is horrifying, bloody, and very unsettling. It was banned when it came out, with Italian authorities seizing the film reels. Later, they arrested the director and accused him of murder.

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The actors had to be shown to the to prove they were alive. (United Artists)

Deodato had no choice but to bring his actors outside to prove they were alive and display some filmmaking techniques to explain how he achieved the realistic look of the film.

He used special effects to show a getting stabbed with a spike in a very realistic way.

The charges were dismissed, and many years later the movie was allowed to be shown in Italy again.

The film was reviewed by Collider two years ago, following the director's death, with the statement:

In simple terms, it's one of the most intentionally shocking and violent things you could see. It's been around for years, standing the test of in its genre.

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