IShowSpeed’s Romantic Confession: Proposes to Amy!


Darren, who is also known as IShowSpeed or Speed, encountered Amy Flamy during his trip to South Korea.

After going on a couple of dates, Speed's fans quickly labeled him and Amy Flamy as the ideal couple due to their strong connection. In a recent video, Amy playfully mentioned her experience with the YouTuber, asking, “Do you remember that Korean girl that IShowSpeed took out on a date? Oh, right! It's me, Amy.” She was impressed by his popularity.


They kept their romance going. Speed and Amy are still close even though Speed is no longer in South Korea. Amy appeared on Speed's live stream of the FA Cup final on May 25, , at Wembley Stadium in .

Amy Flamy, a South Korean influencer, has been asked by IShowSpeed to be his girlfriend after her Instagram photos went viral.

It's worth mentioning that IShowSpeed has previously live-streamed his romantic . In a live video from 2021, he introduced his ex-girlfriend Ermony Renee to his viewers. However, the couple eventually decided to go their separate ways. Later on, he had a short-lived relationship with fellow YouTuber Aaliyah Wasko in 2023, and their journey together was also captured on his channel.

Wasko claimed they were “never in a relationship” and that their breakup was purely for public display. Speed's on the Korean peninsula wasn't entirely free from controversy, like the instance when they performed the “Siuuu,” Cristiano Ronaldo's iconic move, at the border of North Korea.

Amy Flamy, a renowned influencer from South Korea, has gained a massive following of over 800k on . Her captivating TikTok video showcasing hwachae, a traditional Korean chilled fruit-and-milk meal, has garnered an astounding 10.2 million views, sparking the viral trend known as the “cold Korean fruit bowl.” Amy is widely recognized for her innovative exploration of , , and culinary trends.

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