Kristen Bell Boosts Teachers Weekly with Instagram Shoutouts for School Supplies

Kristen Bell

When Kristen Bell isn't making movies or TV shows, she's helping teachers around the country get the school supplies they need.

Bell is currently running an initiative named “Teacher Spotlight Friday” where they share the story of a teacher in need of school supplies, along with a direct link to the teacher's Amazon wishlist.

Emily, a teacher at Woodland Park Academy in Flint, Michigan, is in her latest post.

Brooke nominated Emily for an award using Bell's application address.

Woodland Park Academy posted a picture of the outcomes on their Facebook page on Tuesday.

featured teacher friday
Credit: Woodland Park Academy

Bell mentioned in a video that Featured Teacher Friday will go on “every Friday forever. Until all teachers have what they need and our kids thrive.”

Bell's Instagram account has a massive following of more than 12.2 million people. These followers have the privilege of reading the stories shared by teachers.

As a result, most teachers receive a higher amount than anticipated.

Screenshot 2024 05 24 120634
Credit: @mrs.mezas.littles

If you are a teacher who needs or wants to nominate someone, please send an email to

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