Kylie Jenner’s Sudden Transformation: What Changed?

Kylie Jenner went to many events, and her changed facial features surprised her fans. People online said that the 26-year-old reality TV celebrity appeared different in the pictures and videos from the show. Specialists wanted to clarify to fans what really occurred to her face to stop negative remarks.

Experts clarify that it might be the result of certain cosmetic treatments.

Kylie Jenner's Sudden Transformation: What Changed?

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Celebrities are always under scrutiny for their looks, facing unrealistic expectations. This pressure can cause stress and affect their mental well-being. It's important to avoid making negative comments about their appearance. Experts, like those discussing Kylie Jenner, show how treatments can drastically change someone's looks, sparking more public and discussion.

Molly Bailey, an expert in cosmetic injections, explained the side effects of improper facial procedures in relation to Kylie Jenner's appearance. She posted a video on discussing how the owner of Kylie Cosmetics achieved a specific look through different cosmetic treatments. Molly mentioned that this look, known as alar rim retraction, impacts the nostril area and can be caused by procedures like Botox, gummy smile tox, nasal tox, and rhinoplasty.

Molly observed that although these procedures aim to improve facial appearance, they may result in unexpected outcomes if done improperly.

Fans confused her cheekbone for signs of getting older.

Kylie Jenner's Sudden Transformation: What Changed?

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Molly pointed out the puffiness on Kylie's cheeks and called it a malar mound. She explained that this mound is made up of a pad and some lymphatic tissue.

Injecting fillers under the eyes and into the tear troughs may block the natural drainage of lymphatic tissue, causing the malar mound to swell and making the zygomatic cutaneous ligament more noticeable. This can lead to a fuller, swollen appearance that some people mistake for signs of aging or excessive cosmetic treatments.

The specialist advises against sending mean comments to Kylie for trying out cosmetic procedures.

Molly emphasized that cosmetic procedures, although mostly safe, need to be done with great skill and accuracy. Mistakes in the amount or location of injectables can result in unwanted changes in looks. She highlighted the significance of getting treatment from experienced experts who are knowledgeable about facial anatomy and the possible effects of each procedure.

Molly pleaded with viewers to refrain from sending hateful comments to Kylie. She stressed that her goal was to inform the public about the possible impacts of cosmetic injections, not to attack Jenner.

Kylie's puffiness under her eyes can be attributed to another factor.

Kylie Jenner's Sudden Transformation: What Changed?

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Another specialist mentioned that the difference between how celebrities usually look, with the help of ideal lighting and filters, and their actual appearance can be quite noticeable. Bright overhead lighting can be especially unflattering, creating shadows that emphasize flaws. This can impact anyone and it's completely normal.

Kylie's nose-to-mouth lines and mid-cheek lines were highlighted by this lighting. The aesthetics practitioner mentioned that dehydration or lack of could be the cause of these features, which may result in puffiness under the eyes.

Celebrities are under a lot of stress to look perfect because people are always judging them. This can be too much for them, so they get cosmetic surgery to fit in.

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