Man ‘can’t unsee’ what he thought was a simple mistake in the movie Interstellar

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The plot of Interstellar might be very different from what you first imagined.

Interstellar, directed by Christopher Nolan, is a timeless , but is it really flawless?

One passionate fan and user pointed out an error in post-production that seems to alter the entire storyline.

If you haven't seen the 2014 movie with Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, you're really missing something.

The movie is about a space mission gone awry, filled with stunning visuals and cinematic art. It's no surprise it won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects in 2015.

In the future, is no longer livable, so a farmer and former NASA pilot named Joseph Cooper is chosen to lead a team of scientists on a mission to find a new for humans.

TikToker @stark_verse said that there were two scenes that were exactly the same.

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One thinks Joseph Cooper's journey is completely different. (Paramount Pictures)

He said, “I recently watched Interstellar again and I spotted what looked like an error.”

“I just cannot unsee this.”

The specific scene showed Cooper's right before crashing in his dream, and then again when the team entered Miller's planet's .

He said, “I initially it was a mistake, but then I realized, this is Christopher Nolan. Christopher Nolan wouldn't use the same footage without a reason.”

This led him to investigate further into its possible significance.

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The movie was released in 2014. (Paramount Pictures)

He understood that he was viewing the scene from an unconventional angle, and that the beginning shot showing a crash was one that no one could realistically survive.

He started thinking that Cooper died at the start of the movie, which helped him understand many parts of the film.

He mentioned how they brought up Cooper's death in the Lazarus mission, suggesting that he is embarking on a journey into the unknown, possibly the afterlife.

By the way, were you aware that Lazarus translates to ‘God has helped' in Hebrew? Also, he was resurrected by Jesus, as mentioned in the Bible.

Consider this theory where Cooper is trapped in purgatory on his way to the afterlife.

The TikToker had the same idea, mentioning the ‘big ' analogy from the movie that the crew talks about multiple times.

@stark_verse I noticed Interstellars „mistake“ and I can't unsee it… Was this intentional or not?? #interstellar #christophernolan #movies #filmtok #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – StarkVerse

The big sleep = death.

He mentioned Cooper journeying to the afterlife via Gargantua's black hole, and then his daughter, Murph, appeared on the tesseract out of nowhere.

The TikToker thinks the entire story represents Cooper's passage to the afterlife. That's why, in the video's conclusion, he walks into a room to see his daughter, now old and dying, and greets her – appearing just as he did when he passed away many years ago.

It seems that no one in the room except his dying daughter acknowledges him, and he will welcome her to the afterlife.

The story takes on a whole new perspective and eliminates the distortion on Miller's Planet.

What do you think about the theory?

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