Netflix Subscriber count is going down!

Outraged Netflix viewers are threatening to cancel their memberships over new change

It's really annoyed a lot of customers

Millions of people worldwide now consider subscribing to Netflix as a regular monthly expense, in addition to paying for rent, mortgage, and rising energy bills.

Some paying customers are furious because the announced a huge change that affects many subscribers.

Netflix is the biggest streaming service , with over 270 million customers worldwide. It has approximately 70 million more customers than Amazon Prime Video, which comes in second place. + takes the third spot on the podium with 153 million subscribers.

And it's easy to understand why it's the largest and most excellent option available to many people; simply observe the recent buzz and acclaim surrounding Baby Reindeer.

Netflix, along with the other two major players, have all started showing commercials to their customers in recent times, and it requires an additional payment to remove them.

The ads were poorly received, causing many subscribers to consider quitting permanently.

Some subscribers are upset again after receiving an email announcement from the media company.

Netflix is axing a popular package (Getty Stock Images)

Netflix is axing a popular package (Getty Images)

What has Netflix said?

Currently, they offer three subscription levels. The first level starts at £4.99 per month and includes advertisements.

The regular package costs £10.99 and includes no ads. It also allows someone outside your household to watch.

The first option on the list is the -tier offer priced at £17.99. With this plan, you can enjoy streaming on up to four devices (instead of two like the other packages), watch content in ultra HD, and download on up to six devices. Plus, there are no annoying advertisements.

Not all users are on these three platforms; some still have old accounts.

Are the individuals who have been informed that their accounts are being closed the ones who have deals with them?

Jessica Gunning played Martha in Baby Reindeer, which has been one of the top shows on Netflix in 2024. (Netflix/Ed Miller)

Jessica Gunning played Martha in Baby Reindeer, which has been one of the top shows on Netflix in . (Netflix/Ed Miller)

What is the Netflix package that is being discontinued?

Netflix sent an email to inform customers in the United Kingdom and Canada that its basic ad-free subscription will be permanently discontinued.

Priced at £7.99, it falls between the lower and middle subscription tiers, allowing users to enjoy an ad-free experience for £3 less per month than some other options.

Additionally, Netflix earned a staggering £797 million from advertisements in the previous year, highlighting the immense profitability of their ad-supported package.

Customers on the basic ad-free subscription will be moved to the lower-priced option of £4.99 with advertisements. Netflix has announced an improvement in the video quality for this package, upgrading from 720p to Full HD (1080p), to better cater to their customers' preferences.

Netflix announced that by switching to the ad-supported package, customers can save 35% on their subscription fees over .

A smart TV remote that can play Netflix (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

A smart TV remote that can play Netflix (Matt Cardy/)

When will it be shut down?

They mentioned that time is running out for those on the basic ad-free plan.

In the UK and Canada, it will be permanently discontinued starting from 4 June.

On , a few people expressed their dissatisfaction. One user on X wrote: “We used to be loyal Netflix subscribers, even if we didn't watch for weeks or months, we were still happy to pay the old price. However, we don't want to see ads, especially with so much competition around.”

Another person mentioned that they have already ended their membership, stating: “I just ended my Netflix subscription for the first time since I signed up in 2012.”

I was on a £4.99 basic plan that stayed the same price, but now they're adding ads to it.

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