Richest CEOs in tech and their intriguing abodes

The world's wealthiest tech billionaires, such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, showcase a wide range of preferences when it comes to lifestyle and interior design.

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The group of individuals share as a common factor, yet their priorities differ, as seen in the contrasting lifestyles chosen by each tech mogul. Some opt for a modest way of living, while others are inclined towards opulence and cultural influences.

The residences of the wealthiest CEOs located in the United States reflect the individuality and tastes of the owners, with each home sharing a unique historical story. These represent the current homes of the most affluent CEOs.

Chad Richison, Founder & CEO, Paycom

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Location: Malibu,
Property: Il Pelicano Estate
Price: US$26.5 million

In 2020, the individual responsible for the payroll processor Paycom purchased this picturesque Tuscan estate situated on cliffs with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and convenient access to two beaches.

The ocean villa, originally valued at US$2 million in 2000, was constructed and conceptualized by Liz Edlich, the CEO of the high-end skincare Radical Skincare. It showcases a beautiful selection of antique doors gathered from her journeys overseas.

The Amazonian jungle vine serving as a chandelier and the fossilized clam shell used as a sink are among the most unique creations. The private property contributes to the tech entrepreneur's collection of homes, with his primary residence located in Oklahoma City.

Mark Zuckerberg, Co-Founder & CEO, Facebook

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Location: Palo Alto, California
Price: US$7 million

The five-bedroom home, built in 1903, was acquired by Zuckerberg in 2011 prior to his to Priscilla Chan. Despite being a modest residence for a tech billionaire, it boasts luxury amenities such as heated flooring and a marble bathtub in the master bathroom. Situated just a 10-minute commute from work, the house exudes a traditional domestic .

Certainly, the residence would not be fully equipped without the inclusion of technology in the shape of a personal AI assistant called Jarvis, who instructs the technology expert's daughter in Mandarin and also greets visitors to the residence. The spacious backyard with a swimming pool and outdoor amenities makes his home perfect for social gatherings. There have also been reports that Zuckerberg invested an approximate US$30 million in adjacent properties for privacy purposes.

Jeff Bezos, Founder & former CEO, Amazon

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Location: Beverly Hills, California
Property: Warner Estate
Price: US$165 million

Acquired by Bezos in February 2020 and documented as the priciest real estate transaction in California, the 1,200-square-meter residence features two guesthouses, a swimming pool, and a tennis court. Enclosed by tall hedges, the property provides unparalleled seclusion and vast outdoor areas with gardens, three greenhouses, and two ponds. While details about the interior are scarce, a gothic-themed bar showcasing a Mexican chandelier dating back to the 1820s suggests the historical charm of the house.

Dating back to the 1930s, the Georgian-style property was constructed by Jack Warner, a Co-Founder of Warner Bros, who hosted extravagant gatherings attended by renowned figures from different industries, including celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and James Stewart, as well as scientist Albert Einstein. Prior to Bezos, the property was under the ownership of David Geffen, the Co-Founder of Dreamworks, who invested an estimated US$45 million in renovations.

Larry Ellison, Co-Founder, CTO & former CEO, Oracle

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Ellison's beachfront mansion. Image: Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Location: Palm , Florida
Price: US$80 million

Larry Ellison, as reported by Forbes, ranks as the seventh wealthiest individual . His latest acquisition is the third largest beachfront estate in Palm Beach County, situated within a gated community. The Tuscan-style residence features 11 bathrooms and a remarkable collection of antique furniture, making it an ideal COVID retreat with its home theater and wine room. The property's exterior includes a designated area for the business magnate's private helicopter.

Ellison is recognized for purchasing real estate, including unconventional properties like his Japanese-style palace with a -made lake in Woodside, California. His real estate investments cover San Francisco, Malibu, Lake Tahoe, Japan, and his personal Hawaiian island, Lanai.

Elon Musk, Founder & CEO, Tesla

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Inside the Boxabl Casita. Image: Boxabl

Location: Boca Chica, Texas
Price: US$50,000

Unexpectedly, the billionaire made a significant change by selling six out of his seven properties, leaving only one house up for sale in the San Francisco Bay Area. This decision followed Musk's tweet expressing his intention to minimize his material possessions.

The collapsible prefabricated home by startup Boxabl, apparently rented by Musk, is situated on the SpaceX site in Texas, resembling a small studio apartment. Constructed from a box, his newest residence offers only the necessities: a kitchen, bed, bathroom, and living room for those with a minimalist lifestyle.

Bill Gates, Founder & CEO, Microsoft

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Location: Medina, Washington
Property: Xanadu 2.0
Price: US$130 million

Bill Gates purchased the estate in 1988 for US$2 million, and it took seven years and US$63 million to construct. The residence boasts a blend of advanced technology and leisure amenities, offering ample space for guests with a grand hall that can accommodate up to 200 visitors and 24 bathrooms situated on the premises.

Not only can one adjust lighting, temperature and artworks on the walls with the touch of a button, but the fully heated outdoor swimming pool has an underwater system. If that's not enough, a home theatre, trampoline room and library make this the perfect destination for fun entertainment. As an earth-sheltered home, it's also eco-friendly.

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