Shop owner travels 530 miles to punch woman who left bad review

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Xiao Li got attacked on the street because of her review.

Have you ever traveled more than 500 miles just to confront someone who gave you a bad review?

I didn't expect it, but that's what CCTV footage showed – an online clothes seller assaulting a on the street.

The local media reported that the young woman had expressed frustration over a delay in her purchase, causing the to become angry enough to travel and “teach her a lesson”.

CCTV footage captured Xiao Li being attacked by Zhang in the streets, where he slapped and kicked her to the ground. the video below:

Angry Zhang quickly approached Li while she was waiting in Zhengzhou, located in eastern 's Henan Province.

The lady was frustrated because her package was four days late. She decided to voice her complaint on the online marketplace, Taobao.

The seller got angry and threatened to harm her because she gave him a bad rating on the .

The article states that she thought the issue would be resolved once she got the clothes, but Zhang had different plans.

Li is seen looking at her phone in the video when the angry vendor violently kicks and slaps her, making her fall to the ground. Then he stomps away and disappears from view.

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The woman can be seen getting beaten up by the angry merchant. ( Wire)

Li had to go to the hospital because of her injuries. She received treatment for a concussion and other health issues.

Even at the hospital, she couldn't escape from the man who quickly sent her a message.

He told her that he had journeyed through the night from Suzhou, which is over 500 miles away, to “teach her a lesson” for her negative review.

He also told her that he could attack her again.

The publication stated that the refused to provide a comment but verified that they were looking into the matter. It is unknown if she retrieved her clothes.

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The incident occurred in Zhengzhou. (Google Maps)

Vendor attacks in retaliation for negative online reviews are not uncommon.

In September, a man was almost killed in his house in Changsha when his wife found a bag review for a restaurant.

The owner of the restaurant expressed concern to the police about how a single negative review could damage the good reputation of his business.

The next month, a woman was brutally attacked by a delivery man in Hainan after he was concerned she would leave a negative review for him not delivering her food on time.

I mean? What on is going on?

Just deliver on time, Jesus Christ.

Image Credit: AsiaWire

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