Surprise! ‘The Boys’ Fans Stunned as Stars Confirm Real-Life Romance!

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Some fans of The Boys are just finding out that two actors from the show are in a romantic relationship.

The Boys fans are excited to hear that two cast members are in a relationship off-screen.

The latest season of The Boys is now available on Prime Video, and the reviews have been somewhat mixed.

Fans of the show are buzzing not because of that, but because of the new details about the cast's dating lives.

Hughie Campbell, portrayed by Jack Quaid, was deeply in with his on-screen girlfriend Robin, but in real , his heart belongs to someone else.

Claudia Doumit, also known as Victoria Neuman, is the person you should be familiar with.

They first started dating in 2022 during the promotion of season three of The Boys, and their relationship is still going well.

Version 1: The couple showed their love for each other at this year's Academy Awards.

Even though they've been in a relationship for a while, there are fans of The Boys who have recently discovered their love story.

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The Boys stars Jack Quaid and Claudia Doumit are dating. (Emma McIntyre/)

Jack Quaid and Claudia Doumit, who portray Hughie and Victoria Neuman in #TheBoys, are actually dating in real life! This was shared by a user today.

They mentioned that it's no surprise they have great chemistry in all their scenes together.

Another person watching the popular show also mentioned how well the actors got along on screen, and wasn't shocked to hear they were dating off screen.

Another person on X expressed their thoughts about the scene in episode 1 near the truck. They found it to be very close and meaningful. Now, it all makes sense to them. They are eagerly looking forward to seeing how the character develops in the show. They have been thoroughly enjoying watching the character development.

Someone else said: “This makes me super happy cause i was lowkey shipping them.”

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The Boys fans have shared their thoughts at the news online. (X)

“Really?! I didn't know that,” a different person replied.

Another added: “I had no but they look good together.”

Apart from Quaid and Doumit's bond and on-screen connection, The Boys fans have been buzzing about something else recently. It's the explicit scene in the latest season that has been a topic of discussion.

The second episode of season four is where the shocking scene takes place. Named ‘Life Among the Septics', it has stunned viewers.

Splinter, a fresh addition to the show, possesses an extraordinary ability to swiftly generate replicas of himself. He proceeds to employ this power in a highly contentious manner.

Frenchie and Kimiko enter a room and see Splinter using his abilities to create a of himself, back to back, enjoying himself.

Yes, you read that correctly.

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