Two Arrested After Just Stop Oil Activists Paint Stonehenge Orange

Two Arrested After Just Stop Oil Activists Paint Stonehenge Orange

Just Stop Oil environmental activists vandalized Stonehenge with orange spray paint on June 19, . Wiltshire arrested them for covering the ancient stones with orange cornflour. This happened right before the Summer Solstice celebrations at the famous site.

The activists, wearing t-shirts that said Just Stop Oil, went up to the monument at about 11 AM and started spraying orange powder. People at Stonehenge were surprised and tried to stop them by shouting “no” and running towards the activists. However, the activists were able to complete their plan before the police detained them.

Just Stop Oil, a famous for its controversial tactics to emphasize the importance of taking action against climate change, posted a video of their daring act on . The group expressed that their actions aimed to push the new UK government to make a binding agreement to eliminate fossil fuels completely by 2030. They believe that the current commitments, such as the promise to not explore new oil and gas sources, are inadequate in preventing disastrous climate change and its consequences.

Two Arrested After Just Stop Oil Activists Paint Stonehenge Orange

Just Stop Oil, in their social media post, stressed the severe outcomes of ongoing fossil fuel consumption, stating that it could result in millions of fatalities. They also emphasized the importance of global cooperation, comparing it to the ancient stone circles discovered throughout Europe, which represent historical collaboration over great distances. The group warned that if governments fail to take significant measures, similar demonstrations would take place in Austria, Canada, Norway, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

The public and authorities quickly criticized the protest. English Heritage, the organization in charge of Stonehenge, expressed their disappointment with the incident. A spokesperson mentioned that the paint used was made of cornflour and would be washed away by rain. However, they acknowledged the distress caused by the vandalism. They reassured that the monument is still accessible to the public while their curators evaluate the damage.

The arrested individuals are facing charges for damaging the monument as the police investigation progresses. This incident has sparked a new discussion on the tactics used by activist groups to raise awareness about climate issues, with some seeing them as essential and others as harmful and disruptive.

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