Britney Spears causes worry among fans after sharing nude video

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Britney Spears' supporters are swarming the internet with concern after the singer posted a nude video on Instagram, along with other troubling updates.

Fans of Britney Spears are expressing worry on after she posted a video of herself completely naked.

Fans are worried about Britney Spears' well-being as she shares concerning content on while going through a divorce. Her recent social media post hasn't helped to calm their concerns.

Only half a year ago, after fans expressed worry about some videos she posted, Spears confessed on social media that something was happening.

She wrote: “There was always a suspicion that something was going on! Well, Britney nerds, you were completely correct!”.

Spears mentioned she was too busy to discuss the topic at that moment because it was too difficult to understand, so she decided to share a clip from her favorite instead.

The singer continues to share dance videos and other content with strange captions, causing concern among fans with her most recent post.

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Spears' Instagram content has been worrying fans (Instagram/ @britneyspears)

Earlier today, on 23 May, Spears posted a video on her Instagram page. In the video, she can be seen enjoying herself at the beach, swimming in the sea.

She is visible in the shallow , naked except for sunglasses on her face, lying on her stomach, moving around and then rolling to show her bare bottom in a video.

The caption says: “Greetings to my behind !!!”.

Fans quickly rushed to X's platform to show their worry, even though the singer has disabled the comments section.

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Spears uploaded a video with her naked bottom in (Instagram/ @britneyspears)

A user of X expressed concern, stating that “Someone should really go and check on her.”

“This is going to turn out badly,” someone else mentioned.

Another person remarked, “Clearly, there is something happening with her!”

I wish that anyone experiencing a crisis on social media seeks peer support from others on the platform who can help them.

And a last conclusion: “Mental health difficulties are genuine, and I wish #BritneySpears is doing well.”

Some people disagreed, saying that everyone should really just let Spears be.

A user pleaded, “Please, give Britney some space to enjoy the in peace.”

Another person commented: “Enjoying to the fullest.”

Another Britney Spears knives dance

Image Credit: Instagram/ @britneyspears

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