Fans are panicking over seeing dead Marvel hero in latest Deadpool 3 preview.

The appearance of the Marvel superhero in Deadpool 3 preview raised alarm following our previous encounter when he was healthy and thriving.

Marvel enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement and curiosity after catching a glimpse of the highly-anticipated Deadpool 3 preview. However, amidst all the thrilling moments, there is one particular scene that has left fans pondering. It revolves around the shocking sight of a fallen superhero.

After an extensive period of teasing and sneak peeks, the moment we've all been waiting for has arrived. Marvel has unveiled a captivating trailer, granting us an exclusive opportunity to witness the epic union of Wolverine and Deadpool. Released just today (22 April), this Deadpool 3 preview has ignited a whirlwind of emotions within the hearts of fans.

Yet, amidst the adrenaline-pumping action and witty banter, there lies a perplexing mystery. The trailer briefly showcases a deceased superhero, leaving us with countless questions. What could have led to this tragic demise? How will it impact the storyline? Marvel has certainly succeeded in leaving us on the edge of our seats, eagerly awaiting answers to these burning questions.

Deadpool 3: Trailer

Get ready for an epic showdown on the big screen! Even though the full story won't be revealed for a few more months, the trailer gives us a sneak peek into the dynamic between two beloved characters as they meet in a bar. Deadpool is on a mission to convince Wolverine to join forces and save their home, despite feeling betrayed by him in the past. The trailer teases a thrilling slow-motion action sequence where the stakes are high and the outcome uncertain. Fans are already buzzing about the intense action scenes, with one clip in particular catching everyone's attention.

Hugh Jackman is back as Wolverine in Deadpool 3. (Marvel Studios) , Deadpool 3 preview

Hugh Jackman is back as Wolverine in Deadpool 3 preview. (Marvel Studios)

Amidst the intense bloodshed, a mysterious door seems to open on a peculiar craft. Upon closer inspection, you might recognize the object in motion.

To the horror of fans, it turns out to be -'s helmet – revealing the eerie sight of teeth and bones inside.

This revelation is particularly unsettling as the last we saw Ant-Man was in the 2023 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, where he was alive and well.

Following the trailer release, a worried Marvel enthusiast commented: “So is no one going to talk about Scott's giant skull still being in the Ant-Man helmet???”

Rest assured, discussions are happening among fans, who have varying reactions to the shocking news of Ant-Man's possible demise.

A skull can clearly be seen inside the helmet. (Marvel Studios), Deadpool 3 preview

A skull can clearly be seen inside the helmet. (Marvel Studios)

Version 1: One stunned viewer couldn't help but exclaim, “Is that the colossal, hollowed-out skull of Ant-Man? What on !” Meanwhile, another viewer chimed in, saying, “Oh my goodness, Ant-Man's skull is actually nestled inside the helmet… for real!”

Some other spectators found the sight of the skull to be incredibly fascinating, describing it as “so cool.” However, one daring took it a step further, claiming that “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” was so disappointing that it led to the demise of Ant-Man himself.

While I'm not entirely convinced that this would be Marvel's ideal response to critics, another viewer had a different . “Perhaps this is all happening in an alternate universe,” they pondered.

Considering the existence of the multiverse, it's entirely plausible that Ant-Man's skull could serve as a foundation in “Deadpool 3,” while Scott Lang continues to breathe in a different realm. Only time will reveal the truth…

Fans think they know who the Deadpool 3 villain is and it's absolutely bizarre, Deadpool 3 preview

Image Credit: Marvel Studios

Fans are convinced they've figured out who the villain in Deadpool 3 is, and it's truly out of this world!

Brace yourself for the ultimate level of weirdness because if the rumors are true, this upcoming Deadpool and Wolverine movie will take the cake. According to Screenrant, the notorious villain Cassandra Nova, who happens to be Professor X's sister, will be making her debut. And let me tell you, her backstory is nothing short of mind-bendingly insane.

Cassandra Nova in the comics. (Marvel Comics), Deadpool 3 preview

Cassandra Nova in the comics. (Marvel Comics)

Nova, the twin sister of Charles Xavier, engaged in a fierce battle with him while still in their mother's womb. Despite her aggressive actions, including punching her twin and wrapping the umbilical cord around his neck, Xavier managed to overpower her and ‘kill' her.

Believe it or not, Nova miraculously survived as a cluster of cells on a sewer wall. Over time, she managed to construct a body for herself and eventually evolved into a formidable super-villain.

While many movies might gloss over such an outlandish backstory, a Deadpool film is sure to embrace the weirdness.

This revelation only fueled existing fan theories about her involvement in the movie. Some eagle-eyed viewers even spotted a bald character in the first trailer, speculating that it could be her.

"Cassandra" in the trailer for Deadpool 3. (Marvel Studios), Deadpool 3 preview

“Cassandra” in the trailer for Deadpool 3 preview. (Marvel Studios)

One X fan recently tweeted: “I am demanding to see this scene in Deadpool 3!” along with a picture of Xavier and Nova fighting in the womb. Emma Corrin, known for The Crown, is set to play the villain, according to a copyright filing. Corrin expressed excitement about portraying a villain, saying, “I feel really excited to play a villain. I haven't done that, and it's an itch I want to scratch.” The copyright listing also mentions Jennifer Garner's Elektra, with rumors swirling about her return to the role from the 2005 Daredevil spinoff film. It's a tough call between Garner's return and Cassandra Nova, but Nova definitely takes the cake for weirdness.

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