Horror Film Director Reacts to Viewer Vomiting During Screening

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The latest scary movie is gaining popularity online, and filmmaker Chris Nash has shared his opinions.

If someone in the audience vomits while watching your , you can be sure it's gruesome enough.

The horror genre may seem overused to some people, as many movies rely on cliches, predictable jump scares, and uninteresting tropes.

However, there is a film that has definitely generated some excitement for its decision to change things up a bit. It is the newest creation by director Chris Nash.

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The film, according to Nash, is particularly gory and gruesome. (IFC Films)

If you missed it, the movie called In a Violent focuses on the killer's point of view, not the innocent teens.

In addition, Nash claims that the movie is extremely violent and horrifying.

To the extent that a viewer at a preview showing supposedly got sick.

Film Updates' X account posted an audio clip from a screening of the movie at the Chicago Critics Film Festival.

It's uncertain if you can hear someone throwing up in the audio clip, but you can definitely hear people gasping in shock, laughing awkwardly, and bursting into cheers and applause once the disgusting scene is over.

Nash, who talked to Dexerto last week, looked back on the viral vomiting incident that has been spreading on .

He mentioned that he wasn't sure if it was true.

I don't feel proud of it, but I'm not worried either.

I suppose throwing up while creating your masterpiece isn't always the most genuine way of showing admiration.

Nash acknowledged that before the release of major horror films, there are often rumors of people fainting or getting sick from watching them. Although he had doubts about the story's authenticity, he still recognized this common occurrence.

At the premiere of Julia Ducournau's Raw in Toronto, some people fainted. I personally know someone who fainted, and he had a fever before watching the movie.

He wasn't feeling well, but he was such a big fan. He said, ‘I have to this movie.' So, because he was sick, he fainted. But it doesn't matter. If you're sitting down and something happens to you, then that becomes the story.

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Be careful what you eat before going to view this upcoming slasher. (IFC Films)

People on social media are just as doubtful, but they mentioned that certain scenes could definitely provoke that response.

A user commented, “You have no what's coming if this is the scene I think it is. It's a scene unlike anything seen in a horror movie, especially a slasher. The film is similar to Friday the 13th, but with a unique artistic touch.”

I attended that screening. If this is the murder scene I'm thinking of, it might make people with a sensitive stomach feel nauseous while watching it, someone else commented.

A third person commented that they are confident they know which kill it is, and it's quite insane.

I suppose the horror/slasher genre is not suitable for those who are easily scared… who would have ?!”

Image Credit: IFC Films

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