Horror Film Stuns Cannes With Explicit Sex, Gets “Anti-Award”

Horror Film Stuns Cannes With Explicit Sex, Gets "Anti-Award"

The movie contains a significant amount of explicit sexual scenes and violent scenes.

You can tell a movie will be extremely violent when a major festival gives it an ‘anti' award.

Yes, this divisive horror film received an award, and if you've watched it, you'll understand why.

In the 2009 movie, Willem Dafoe from Spider- and Charlotte Gainsbourg from Alphonse as a couple who tragically lose their son in an accident. To find solace, they retreat to a peaceful cabin in the woods.

Only their turns sexual and very violent.

Horror Film Stuns Cannes With Explicit Sex, Gets "Anti-Award"

Willem Dafoe stars in the controversial 2009 film. (Zentropa Entertainments)

This movie is extremely intense. At one moment, Gainsbourg's character even cuts off her own clitoris. It's safe to say that this film is not for everyone.

If you believe you've listened to sufficient, I regret to inform you that there is additional available.

The movie being discussed is Antichrist. According to the Board of Film Classification (BBFC), the film is clearly intended for adult audiences due to its mature themes and explicit content, including real scenes, violent and gory images, and a scene depicting self-mutilation.

They say there's something for everyone, and the movie premiered at the famous Cannes Film Festival.

However, not everything was positive at the 2009 festival, since the film, directed by Lars von Trier, received the ‘anti' award.

Radu Mihaileanu, a French filmmaker and head of an international at the film festival, stated that we cannot stay quiet about the impact of that movie.

Antichrist is considered the most misogynistic film by the director who claims to be the biggest in the world.

Cannes festival director Thierry Fremaux expressed his disagreement with the resolution, deeming it a ‘foolish choice that almost advocates for censorship, (it is) shocking to come from an ‘ecumenical' jury led by a filmmaker' according to AFP.

Despite the film not getting many positive reviews, Gainsborough won the Best Actress award at Cannes for her role in Antichrist.

Horror Film Stuns Cannes With Explicit Sex, Gets "Anti-Award"

Antichrist features real sex scenes and lots of violence. (Zentropa Entertainments)

It was later revealed that body doubles were used for the intimate scenes involving Dafoe and Gainsborough because of the 's ‘well endowed' manhood.

During an interview, director von Trier stated that the actor's penis was extremely large, which caused confusion among people.

He [Dafoe] is well-endowed. We had to remove those scenes from the movie,” he mentioned. “We used a body double for him since we had to remove the scenes with his actual private part.

We needed a replacement, as Will's was too large.

During an interview with The Telegraph, Dafoe was questioned about this topic. He chose to keep his response brief, mentioning that interviewers frequently bring it up and seem fixated on the subject.

Image Credit: Zentropa Entertainments

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