Owen Wilson’s Rejection of $12 Million Role in Controversial O.J. Simpson Film

The director mentioned Owen Wilson's Rejection of the main part of the movie about O.J Simpson

The director has claimed that Owen Wilson refused to accept a main part in a forthcoming movie about O.J. Simpson.

O.J. Simpson was considered the greatest running back in NFL history. He later ventured into Hollywood, appearing in popular productions like Roots, The Naked Gun, and No Place to Hide.

But after he passed away this month, people remembered him more for the infamous trial in the 90s where he was accused of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman, rather than his football career.

He was cleared of both murder accusations, yet the incidents have stayed in the minds of the public. They have been portrayed in various TV shows and movies, such as the 2016 production called “The People vs O.J. Simpson.”

O.J. Simpson passed away earlier this month. (Jason Bean-Pool/Getty Images) , Owen Wilson's Rejection

O.J. Simpson passed away earlier this month. (Jason Bean-Pool/)

A new movie called The Juice will revisit Simpson's involvement in the murder case, portraying him as innocent.

The movie, helmed by Joshua Newton, is described as a ‘satirical thriller' and centers around his lawyer, Douglas McCann, who defended Simpson in a civil lawsuit back in 2000.

Newton believed that Owen Wilson was the perfect choice to play McCann.

However, it is said that the has chosen to completely avoid it.

Owen Wilson reportedly turned down the role of Douglas McCann. (Rich Polk/Deadline via Getty Images), Owen Wilson's Rejection

Owen Wilson reportedly turned down the role of Douglas McCann. (Rich Polk/Deadline via Getty Images)

The Hollywood Reporter stated that Wilson had a lunch meeting with Newton to talk about the movie, but ultimately decided not to get involved.

Newton stated that Owen Wilson was an ideal fit for the part. They had a meeting in Santa Monica, and everyone adored the script. Wilson's agent was keen on him taking on the role.

We proposed $12 million to him. However, after the lunch, Owen got up and exclaimed, “You must be joking if you think I'll accept the main role in a about O.J. being innocent.”

Newton believed that the actor in “Midnight in Paris” was ideal for the part, but he also mentioned that they discovered another person who was just as suitable. However, he hasn't disclosed the identity of this yet.

Newton aims to finish the movie by October 3, 2025, marking the 30th anniversary of Simpson's acquittal.

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