Royal Family Cold Shoulder Lilibet’s Birthday

Royal Family

Princess Lilibet, the younger of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, turned three years old on Tuesday, June 4. However, the Royal chose not to publicly recognize the event, highlighting once again the tense relationship with the Sussexes.

Lilibet, born in , has had limited interactions with her father's family in Britain, visiting them only once. Despite anticipation from royal watchers, there were no birthday wishes from the Royal Family, highlighting the ongoing tension following Harry and Meghan's withdrawal from royal duties in 2020 and subsequent move to the .

King Charles was rumored to want a relationship with Harry's kids, but the lack of acknowledgment from the monarchy is similar to when Prince Archie didn't get a birthday message last month when he turned five.

Royal Family

Lilibet made a trip to the Isles to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee. During this visit, the Queen had the opportunity to meet her great-granddaughter and namesake for the very first .

Lilibet had a wonderful day with her brother, Prince Archie, and close , even though England didn't officially acknowledge it. The celebration apparently had some non-royal family members and friends of the Sussexes.

The revelation of Lilibet's name caused controversy because it was seen as a tribute to the late Queen's childhood nickname. News came out that Queen Elizabeth was unhappy about not being asked beforehand, which led Harry and Meghan to take legal action against claims that they didn't seek permission.

Robert Hardman, the author, shared that Harry and Meghan tried to take legal action to defend themselves against untrue statements about the approval of the name. But, someone on the inside denied this, saying that the queen did give permission for the name Lilibet to be used.

Harry and Meghan were surprised and upset by the ongoing criticism, calling it part of a larger negative effort against them. They said they followed the rules and were surprised by the baseless accusations.

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