Real-life tale behind Guy Ritchie’s WWII movie, featuring Henry Cavill.

Many movies based on a ‘true story' end up being underwhelming when you learn the actual facts. However, this is an exception. Guy Ritchie's WWII movie, which follows Henry Cavill as he leads a group of nazi hunters during World War 2, has a truly unbelievable true story that is just as captivating as the film itself.

Version 1: Despite many films based on ‘true stories' being disappointing, this film is an exception. Guy Ritchie's latest movie, featuring Henry Cavill leading a team of nazi hunters during World War 2, has a fascinating true story that is just as incredible as the film itself.

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Guy Ritchie's WWII Movie trailer

It is truly an incredible honor to have both Henry Cavill and Alex Pettyfer bring your character to .

The cherry on ? Historian Brian Lett believes that Gus March-Phillips and Geoffrey Appleyard, the characters in question, served as a source of inspiration for James Bond.

The duo spearheaded a military mission known as ‘Operation Postmaster', a covert operation aimed at disrupting Nazi U-Boats.

Ian Fleming, the mastermind behind 007, served as a vital link between the Royal Navy and the Special Operations Executive (SOE) within the Postmaster division.

The writer of Churchill's Secret Warriors, the book that served as the basis for the movie, stated: “Gus March-Phillips, portrayed as the charming Englishman, was a key influence on James Bond.”

Henry Cavill stars as Gus March-Phillips. (Lionsgate), Guy Ritchie's WWII movie

Henry Cavill stars as Gus March-Phillips in Guy Ritchie's WWII movie. (Lionsgate)

In the Guy Ritchie adaptation titled “Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare,” a clever sequence unfolds where costume parties are organized to divert the attention of the Germans, enabling the men to successfully hijack a cargo ship.

Damien Lewis claimed that the true tale is even more outrageous. He mentioned, “The officers' gathering took place at a café with a view of the harbor.”

The British agents stationed onshore strategically positioned the officers to face away from the harbor, keeping them distracted with a group of women.

The film is Guy Ritchie's latest. (Daniel Smith/Lionsgate) ,Guy Ritchie's WWII movie

Guy Ritchie's WWII movie. (Daniel Smith/Lionsgate)

Alan Ritchson's character, Anders Lassen, was actually known as ‘The Viking' and not ‘The Danish Hammer'. He did, however, hunt down Nazis with a bow and arrow. The film also includes some crazy scenes inspired by real events, like a train heist involving a Russian Doll-style briefcase switcheroo. The real-life stories behind these men are even wilder, making the film seem like a tamer version of history.

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