The top cities and islands fot travelling searched on Google in 2023

Amsterdam,top cities and islands

10. Amsterdam

Amsterdam continues to offer new discoveries. It has been a popular European city break for a long , but it has been improving even more recently. Eurostar introduced a new sleeper train from Brussels to Berlin earlier this year, making it easier (and more eco-friendly) to travel to the city. There are many affordable hotels to stay in and plenty of new dining options to explore.

Cork Cityscape,top cities and islands

9. Cork

Cork is known for its positive reputation. The city has charming streets that are often compared to Copenhagen or Murano in Venice. Discover Cork's trendy downtown area, filled with cozy pubs, lively bars, and welcoming locals. Just a short distance from the city, you can wander through picturesque villages like Kinsale, known as one of Ireland's most beautiful towns, with colorful buildings. Visit one of the famous seafood restaurants by the harbor for a delicious fish dinner – it's no surprise that Cork has been attracting a new crowd this year.

The Red Fort New Delhi,top cities and islands

8. Delhi

Delhi should definitely be on your list of places to visit. It's the second-largest urban area , offering a variety of attractions, activities, and food options. You can explore museums, street art, wildlife, and Asia's largest spice market. The city also boasts world-class hotels like The Leela Palace, known for its luxurious decor, and The Oberoi, providing a peaceful retreat in the midst of the busy city.

Palermo Sicily,top cities and islands

7. Sicily

Sicily is an extraordinary place that doesn't require any explanation from us. Situated between Europe and Africa, it offers an ideal spot for a delightful vacation. The cuisine is undoubtedly the finest Italian fare, with generous servings of pasta adorned with fresh seafood, delectable Sicilian-style pizza, and refreshing gelato. The beaches are irresistibly captivating, and you can also explore magnificent 18th-century mansions and lavish palazzos. Afterward, take a refreshing dip in the sparkling waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. For further inspiration, check out our selection of the hotels in Sicily.

La Rochelle France,top cities and islands

6. La Rochelle

This coastal city is a charming destination for a European vacation, offering a break from the usual tourist spots in France. It resembles a picturesque seaside town straight out of a fairy tale, the kind that you daydream about escaping to when becomes overwhelming. The local cuisine is centered around the sea, so get ready to indulge in delicious seafood dishes straight from the ocean. As you explore the city, you can follow in the footsteps of renowned French writers like Voltaire, Rabelais, Sartre, and Laclos, who sought inspiration in this very place.

Marrakech Morocco,top cities and islands

5. Marrakech

If you search for this vibrant city on Google, you will see how Marrakech is. When you visit this Moroccan city, you will spend your days exploring the maze-like streets and discovering hidden treasures in quiet corners. In addition to the bustling markets, there are also stunning accommodations to choose from. You can find both well-known hotels and cozy riads where you can relax and unwind.

Courtyard of the Maidens at the Royal Alczar of Seville,top cities and islands

4. Seville

Seville is a popular Spanish city for good reason. With pleasant temperatures even in the off-season, it's an ideal destination for a European city break. You can explore the famous attractions without dealing with long queues in the heat. Don't miss the Royal Alcázar of Seville and the breathtaking views from the top of the cathedral. And when it comes to tapas bars, El Rinconcillo, a historic restaurant from the 17th century, is a local favorite.

The Jaffo district in Tel Aviv Israel,top cities and islands

3. Tel Aviv

Google organized its data, which is why Tel Aviv was listed before the war started. Currently, the FDCO recommends avoiding non-essential travel to Israel.

The Orlando Wetlands Park in central Florida,top cities and islands

2. Orlando

Orlando, an American city, may be a surprising choice at number 2, but it definitely holds its own in terms of tourism. In 2022, Orlando welcomed almost 5 million international visitors, with the UK being the second-largest group of travelers heading to the city (as reported by Travel Weekly). Apart from the iconic Disneyland attractions, this beloved destination in Florida boasts an astonishing variety of restaurants, ranging from top-notch omakase to vibrant mezcalerias.

St. Paul's Bay Rhodes island Greece,top cities and islands

1. Rhodes

This particular island in Greece is quite unique among all the islands to visit. Despite the devastating wildfires that ravaged the island earlier this year, Rhodes is slowly recovering, with its old town offering a charming mix of Byzantine churches, Roman ruins, and traditional restaurants. The coastal cliffs provide stunning views of golden beaches, while the inland forests are ideal for morning hikes to ancient castles and ruins. Although Rhodes is still in the process of rebuilding, the from tourists looking to help the island shows its enduring beauty.

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