The world’s top social media influencers with the highest earnings in 2024.

These influencers are transforming their followers into substantial wealth.

No. 01

Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

Earnings: $82M

Total Followers: 312M

Avg. Engagement: 9.8%

Entrepreneurship Score: 4

MrBeast who is one of the most famous influencers among social media influencers has an enormous fan base of over 300 million followers, which is almost as big as the population of the United States. His popularity comes from his well-produced videos and daring stunts, such as enduring 50 hours in Antarctica and constructing a Wonka chocolate factory. Known as Jimmy Donaldson in real , this YouTube sensation has leveraged his immense influence to accumulate a substantial fortune through digital advertisements and establish a thriving business empire. His portfolio includes Feastables snack bars, the MrBeast Burgers restaurant chain, and an extensive merchandise line created by Donaldson.

No. 02

Olajide Olatunji (KSI)

Earnings: $24M

Total Followers: 112M

Avg. Engagement: 6.5%

Entrepreneurship Score: 4

KSI, whose real name is Olajide Olatunji, started making reaction videos to FIFA video games on YouTube in 2009. His unique sense of humor quickly gained him a massive following. Over the years, he has transitioned from being a comedian to becoming a rapper and boxer. In 2023, he released two singles and signed a multiyear distribution deal for his promotional company, Misfits Boxing. KSI is also the face of Prime Hydration, a sports drink that recently became the official drink for FC Barcelona, UFC, and Arsenal. Despite facing controversy for his behavior in boxing matches and for posting offensive content, KSI has managed to turn these scandals into opportunities for more views, both online and in the boxing ring.

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No. 03

Jake Paul

Earnings: $34M

Total Followers: 66M

Avg. Engagement: 1.6%

Entrepreneurship Score: 4

Jake Paul, the former Vine turned boxer, is no stranger to controversy. His outrageous antics on YouTube, such as getting surprise tattoos, eating dog food, and bathing in Icy , have garnered him a massive following. However, these stunts have also brought him under fire for allegations of sexual misconduct, scamming fans, and even an SEC charge for promoting undisclosed cryptocurrency. Despite the controversies, Paul's ability to create spectacles has made him one of the highest-earning athletes in 2022. He has secured lucrative deals, including a sponsorship with the energy drink Celsius, the founding of the sports betting app “Betr” that raised $50 million in Series A funding, and signing an MMA contract to compete in a new pay-per-view division this year.

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No. 04

Rhett & Link

Earnings: $35M

Total Followers: 51M

Avg. Engagement: 0.85%

Entrepreneurship Score: 4

Rhett James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal have been best friends since grade school. They started posting comedy shows on YouTube in 2006. Their entertainment company, Mythical, based in Burbank, California, now has over 100 employees who produce YouTube series such as Good Mythical Morning, Mythical Kitchen, and Smosh for their 18 million subscribers. They also create podcasts, live tours, livestream events, books, and TV shows. Additionally, their Creator Accelerator fund supports emerging creators.

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No. 05

Charli D'Amelio

Earnings: $23M

Total Followers: 213M

Avg. Engagement: 0.7%

Entrepreneurship Score: 4

Charli D'Amelio remains the reigning female creator on Top Creators list. The D'Amelio dynasty is expanding as well. Originally from Connecticut, she has become one of the most popular stars on the internet. She is now associated with Prada and serves as a walking advertisement for Amazon, CeraVe, and SKIMS, which is a clothing line co-founded by Kim Kardashian. Her fragrance, Born Dreamer, has been available in stores across the U.S. and Europe for a year. Additionally, she and her sister Dixie (#18 on this list) launched their brand, Social Tourist, in collaboration with Hollister in 2021. The is currently filming the third season of their reality series, “The D'Amelio Show,” for Hulu. They have also recently launched their own shoe brand, D'Amelio Footwear. All of this was accomplished before Charli even turned 20.

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No. 06

Logan Paul

Earnings: $21M

Total Followers: 74M

Avg. Engagement: 1.25%

Entrepreneurship Score: 4

Logan Paul gained popularity on Vine alongside his brother Jake (#3 on the Top Creator list). They then expanded their reach by starting a YouTube channel where they posted vlogs and daring stunts, such as giving away iPhones and engaging in celebrity fights like with Kevin Hart. With 23.6 million subscribers, the channel became a hit. However, Paul's controversial and insensitive videos, including one where he showed a dead body in Japan's “suicide forest,” resulted in his temporary demonetization on YouTube. Undeterred, Paul shifted his focus to wrestling, leveraging his talent for shocking content. He recently ended his WWE contract and now promotes Prime Hydration with fellow YouTuber KSI (#2 on the Top Creators List). Additionally, Paul co-hosts a podcast called Impaulsive with his brother, where they address ongoing controversies.

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No. 07

Elliot Tebele (F*ckJerry)

Earnings: $30M

Total Followers: 17M

Avg. Engagement: 1%

Entrepreneurship Score: 4

Elliot Tebele, known as the original meme king, is the mastermind behind the social media empire FJerryLLC. With popular accounts like F*ckJerry, BeigeCardigan, DudeWithSign, and JerryNews, he has amassed a whopping 40 million followers. However, his major source of income comes from his board game empire. One of his most successful creations is the party game “What Do You Meme”, which is widely available at Target, Walmart, and Amazon. Tebele has also ventured into the alcohol industry with his viral tequila brand Jaja.

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No. 08

Emma Chamberlain

Earnings: $20M

Total Followers: 28M

Avg. Engagement: 6.25%

Entrepreneurship Score: 4

Emma Chamberlain started making YouTube videos at her mom's house, left high school, gained 27.9 million followers, and built a successful lifestyle brand with her unique humor and for . She was among the first influencers to collaborate with Louis Vuitton, and has since partnered with other big brands like Cartier, Lancome, Levi's, Aritzia, and Canon. Her coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee, is sold at Walmart and Sprouts, and her podcast, “Anything Goes,” signed an exclusive video deal with Spotify in February.

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No. 09

Matt Rife

Earnings: $25M

Total Followers: 22M

Avg. Engagement: 10.7%

Entrepreneurship Score: 3

Rife, a comedian who performs stand-up, is leveraging his popularity on social media to fill up his live shows. After spending ten years entertaining audiences at small clubs, Rife gained fame on TikTok when a video of him joking around with a female fan became extremely popular. In the past year, this Ohio native has gained a staggering 17 million followers on TikTok and has successfully sold over 750,000 tickets for his international tour. Fans can also look forward to his upcoming stand-up special, “Natural Selection,” which will be available for streaming on Netflix later this year.

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No. 10

Brent Rivera

Earnings: $17.5M

Total Followers: 96M

Avg. Engagement: 11.25%

Entrepreneurship Score: 3

Brent Rivera, a 25-year-old Streamy Award-winner, has become a master of various popular social media platforms. He began with Vine, then moved on to YouTube, and finally found success on TikTok. His comedic videos, often featuring his younger sister Lexi, have amassed a massive following of 50 million fans. However, Brent is not just a content creator, but also a savvy businessman. He has collaborated with major brands such as Starbucks, Xbox, and Prada. In addition, he founded Amp Studios in 2017, a media company aimed at supporting other creators and emerging brands.

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