Twin Saves Sister from Crocodile, Earns King’s Gallantry Medal

The positive news today is from the United Kingdom.

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Georgia and Melissa Laurie

Georgia Laurie has been honored with the esteemed King's Gallantry Medal for her courageous act of rescuing her sister, Melissa, from a perilous crocodile assault. This remarkable demonstration of bravery and sisterly affection has been recognized and celebrated.

On June 6th, 2021, a peaceful swimming experience in Mexico's Manialtepec Lagoon turned into a terrifying fight for survival.

The Laurie twins and their were having fun in the glowing waters of a river near the Manialtepec Lagoon. The mood changed when a crocodile attacked Melissa. Despite trying to swim to , Melissa was pulled underwater by the crocodile. Georgia saw her sister in trouble and acted quickly to help.

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Georgia warned GBN, “It's a terrible sight!” Disregarding the peril, she bravely swam towards Melissa, revived her, and assisted her in regaining consciousness. Nevertheless, the crocodile reappeared, compelling Georgia to engage in a desperate fight. She skillfully kept her sister's head above with one , while fiercely striking the crocodile with the other.

Georgia remembered how she took her to a quieter place, but the crocodile returned for the third . It then violently rolled Melissa in front of her. Determined not to surrender, Georgia kept battling the crocodile, enduring bites on her hand. Her relentless attack eventually forced the crocodile to let go of Melissa. “I just kept punching it like crazy,” she exclaimed.

The sisters were saved by a boat that passed by, and they had a nerve-wracking 25-minute journey to the shore. Melissa had serious injuries, such as a complex open wrist fracture, puncture wounds on her stomach, bowel, and intestines, as well as multiple bites on her leg, , and buttocks. Even though they went through a tough time, both sisters have now completely healed, although they still carry physical and emotional marks.

Georgia's exceptional bravery and fast decision-making were highly recognized. The Gallantry Medal, bestowed by King Charles III, acknowledges individuals who endanger themselves to rescue others, a perfect tribute to Georgia's courageous act. After being informed about the award, Georgia conveyed her appreciation to the UK Cabinet Office, stating, “It holds immense significance for me. It's the positive outcome of the entire incident.”

the interview with Georgia and Melissa below.

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