Viewers Slam Jessica Alba’s New Netflix Movie, Criticize ‘Terrible’ and ‘Stupid’ Plot

Viewers Slam Jessica Alba's New Netflix Movie, Criticize 'Terrible' and 'Stupid' Plot

Fans are not happy with Jessica Alba's much-awaited comeback to Hollywood.

Jessica Alba's latest movie, her first in four years, didn't get a good response.

Alba stepped away from Hollywood in the past few years, with her most recent movie being 2019's Killers Anonymous.

She has mainly been concentrating on her multimillion-dollar business, The Honest Company, recently. However, she has now officially returned to the acting industry.

She starred as Special Forces commando Parker in her latest film, Trigger Warning, which was released on on June 21st.

The summary states: “Upon her 's unexpected passing, a special forces commando comes back to her hometown, where she encounters trouble with a dangerous gang as she delves into the circumstances surrounding his death.”

The reviews have begun to come in since it was released on Netflix recently, and it is evident that they are not positive.

As of the current moment, the Tomatometer on Rotten Tomatoes for “Trigger Warning” stands at a mere 24 percent, with an even more underwhelming Score of 17 percent.

In other places, IMDb has rated it 4.6/10, whereas Netflix viewers have resorted to platforms to express their personal .

Viewers Slam Jessica Alba's New Netflix Movie, Criticize 'Terrible' and 'Stupid' Plot

Jessica Alba plays Parker in Trigger Warning. (Netflix)

A user on X expressed their dissatisfaction with the script in the new Netflix movie, “Trigger Warning,” featuring Jessica Alba. They claimed that it is one of the poorest script writings they have come across recently. Furthermore, the user pointed out that the screenwriters even made a mistake by unintentionally changing the time of their grand finale scene from night to day, indicating a lack of to detail.

Another person exclaimed, “I just saw the movie Trigger Warning on Netflix. It's terrible. So, I saved you from wasting two hours.”

“I fell asleep watching this,” another went on.

Some were not as harsh and mentioned they were happy to see Alba back in action.

A fan wrote: “Trigger Warning on Netflix is [string of clapping emojis]. I always forget how good Jessica Alba can be and she's also super sweet in person so I that for her.”

Viewers Slam Jessica Alba's New Netflix Movie, Criticize 'Terrible' and 'Stupid' Plot

Trigger Warning is Alba's first film in four years. (Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Netflix)

Someone praised Jessica Alba's acting in Trigger Warning, giving it a perfect score. However, they criticized the movie's messy plot.

“Jessica Alba's #TriggerWarning is great! Every single character feels so real, which makes what they're fighting for even more visceral,” raved another.

Despite not making it to the Netflix , Glen Powell's Hit has been holding the number one spot for two weeks.

The movie, featuring Adria Arjona from 6 Underground, has been a huge hit with fans and boasts an impressive 96 percent average rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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