AstraZeneca Covid vaccine can lead to uncommon side effects

Vial filled with liquid vaccine in medical lab with syringe. medical ampoule and syringe on a surface

AstraZeneca has acknowledged in legal papers for the first that its Covid vaccine can lead to an uncommon side effect. This unexpected change of stance might open doors for a substantial financial compensation.

The big drug is facing a lawsuit for allegedly causing death and serious harm in many instances with its vaccine created in partnership with the University of Oxford.

Attorneys claim that the vaccine caused a side effect that severely impacted a few families.

Jamie Scott, a father of two, filed the initial case last year. He suffered a permanent brain injury due to a blood clot and brain bleed after receiving the vaccine in April 2021. The hospital contacted his wife three times to inform her that her husband's condition was critical.

AstraZeneca is challenging the allegations, but has acknowledged in a legal filing to the High Court in February that its Covid vaccine “can, in extremely rare instances, lead to TTS”.

TTS, short for Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome, leads to blood clotting and low platelet levels.

The High Court has received fifty-one cases from victims and grieving relatives who are seeking damages. The estimated value of these damages is up to £100 million.

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