Brad Pitt Names ‘Most Beautiful Woman on Screen’ as Favorite Actor

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Even though Brad Pitt has collaborated with Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Roberts, they are not his preferred actors.

Brad Pitt has been in the industry for a long , and he definitely has an impressive list of work to prove it.

When you think of someone who is 60 years old, movies like Fight Club, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, and Babylon may come to mind.

Pitt has collaborated with numerous actors throughout his extensive career due to his involvement in numerous movies.

The famous has appeared in movies alongside top stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Roberts – some of the most well-known names in Hollywood.

Pitt considers them the best actors he has worked with, but his favorite comes from a different scene.

Pitt that a person from the theater community in New York is the best colleague he has ever collaborated with. He also mentioned that she is the most attractive in the industry.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt previously spoke about his favorite actor. (Presley Ann/Getty Images for DAOU Estates)

The actor expressed this feeling back in 1996, so the situation might be different today.

However, during that time, he expressed to Tiger Beat magazine, “There are only a few men I admire. That's why I value older movies, as they portray men who uphold their principles.”

Robert Redford was admired by both men and women. He represented the ideal that men aspired to be and the type of man that women desired men to be.

Pitt thought that the most famous Hollywood stars aren't always those considered ‘ symbols', even though looks are important.

Pitt clarified that our initial focus on someone's appearance is merely a first impression. However, there are individuals who may not grab our attention at first glance, but once we engage in conversation with them, they reveal their inner beauty and become the most captivating beings in the world.

Dianne Wiest, the 75-year-old actor, is known for her exceptional talent rather than her appearance or being a ‘sex symbol'. Her remarkable performances in movies like Edward Scissorhands and Footloose have made her a favorite thespian of all time.

Dianne Wiest is Brad Pitt's favorite actor. (Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Brad Pitt stated that the most talented actors are not typically considered attractive sex symbols. He further expressed his admiration for actress Dianne Wiest, emphasizing that she may not be seen as a sex symbol but is, in his opinion, the most stunning woman on screen.

Wiest started her Broadway career in 1971 after studying theatre at the University of Maryland.

She proceeded to establish a highly prosperous profession in theater, and later achieved great success in movies. She received two Academy Awards for her roles in Woody Allen's films, “Hannah and Her Sisters” and “Bullets Over Broadway.”

Dianne was also in the 80s movie The Lost Boys about vampires.

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