Eddie Hall’s Terrifying Collapse: Leg Pressing 1,000kg Incident

Eddie Hall

He pushed himself to the extreme.

When you're leg pressing 1,000kg, the title of the world's strongest is definitely well-deserved.

However, it's no joke when weightlifters overexert themselves and end up fainting.

Eddie Hall did that a couple of years ago during his as a competitor.

He mentioned in the video on his channel, Eddie Hall The Beast, that he will attempt 1,000 kilos, the heaviest he has ever done on this machine.

Eddie Hall

He isn't called ‘The Beast' for no reason. (YouTube/Eddie Hall The Beast)

1,000kg is as heavy as a great white shark, a polar bear, or a crocodile.

My 100kg leg press looks weak in comparison.

In the video, Hall gradually adds more weight. At one moment, he pauses and exclaims: “I've made a mess. Can you smell it?”

The person from Staffordshire keeps going, continuing to leg press his target weight even after pausing to clean up.

After that, he abruptly becomes silent for a brief moment, tilting his head to the side. A little concerning? Not at all, then he awakens and casually inquires, “Did I black out?”

It is obvious that we strongly discourage lifting excessively heavy weights that may cause you to faint. Have fun!

Now, Eddie has put his health in danger before just to lift weights.

In 2016, The Beast – also known as him lovingly – mentioned that he came close to losing his .

At the age of 28, Hall became the first person to lift 500 kilograms at the First Direct Arena in Leeds. However, right after his achievement, he suddenly collapsed due to bursting blood vessels in his head.

During an interview with the Yorkshire Evening Post, he expressed, “It was almost fatal for me. The immense strain on my body felt unreal. I fainted afterwards and even had nosebleeds. Engaging in such activities is detrimental to one's health.”

But I have accomplished it. I am confident that it will be recorded in the history books for an extensive period of time.

I hope I won't have to do it again, but if someone ends up breaking it, I might just have to.

Experiencing that sensation, just like the first person on the moon or the first person to run a mile in less than four minutes. And now, I'm the pioneer in deadlifting half a ton. It's a significant moment in history, and I feel immense pride being involved in it.

Eddie Hall

Experienced weightlifters occasionally overexert themselves. (YouTube/Eddie Hall The Beast)

Hall recently had his first MMA fight under unusual circumstances.

Last night (7 June), he stepped into the octagon for a World Freak Fight League event at King George's Hall in Blackburn.

Jamil and Jamel Neffati, the TikToking brothers, faced off against the former World's Strongest Man.

After getting up from the suplex, the eldest brother stumbled back into the brawl. However, his hopes were dashed when Hall knocked him out with a single punch.

After that, the rest of the battle was just a formality, and naturally, Hall emerged as the winner.

Image Credit: YouTube / Eddie Hall The Beast

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