Eminem Faces Backlash Over Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Lyric


Eminem received criticism from fans for a controversial lyric about rapper Megan Thee Stallion in his latest song “Houdini.”

The rapper, aged 51, who often mentions celebrities in his music, has called out Christina Aguilera, Will , and Machine Gun Kelly before. Fans were excited for more celebrity shoutouts in his new album, The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce).

Eminem asks in his song “Houdini” if he has a chance to collaborate with Megan Thee Stallion, referring to the incident where she was shot in the by Tory Lanez in 2020.

Fans were fast to share their disappointment on about Eminem's words. One person commented on X: “Eminem comes back as SLIM SHADY & immediately gets involved in the TORY LANEZ & MEGAN THEE STALLION controversy UHN UHN EM – not good for me.” Another said, “This might have worked in the 2000s with your peers but making a joke out of someone's pain & a black at that … I can't stand by it. As mature as you are – you should know better.”

A different user asked, “Why is this girl constantly being harassed by male rappers? What did she do to deserve it?” In the meantime, another person remarked, “Someone should inform this person that it's already .”

Not all listeners were upset by the lyric, though. Some supported Eminem and said that it was just part of his well-known Slim Shady persona. “Are people just now discovering Slim Shady?” one person wondered, while another exclaimed, “Slim Shady is back for real!”

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