Kim K’s Private Jet: Strict Flying Rules Revealed!

Kim Kardashian

Flying with Kim Air is similar to being Spider- because both come with great power and great responsibility. And at Kim Air, these rules are strictly followed.

Kim Air is the name of Kim Kardashian's exclusive G650ER jet.

Kardashian showed off her $150 million jet on an episode of her 's show, The Kardashians, in June. She gave fans a tour of the plane's luxurious decor (all cashmere) and ‘joked' about the strict passenger rules.

“Don't breathe; don't touch a thing,” she said.

“I'm gonna do no shoes on the plane and get custom Skims slippers.

“Wouldn't it be so cute if I made custom Skims in this colour, like pyjamas, socks, and blankets and slippers?”

Kardashian takes the rules for riding on Kim Air very seriously, joking aside.

Kim Kardashian

During this week's episode of The Kardashians, Kim had a conversation with her sister, Kendall Jenner, before they headed to Milan for a Prada show. Jenner talked about wanting to “get a quick spray tan” before they left, which didn't sit well with Kardashian. She quickly asked about the timing of it all.

“It's a three-hour one so I sit in it for three hours and then shower it off,” Jenner explained.

At this point, the world was reminded that nothing comes between Kim K and her pristine cashmere.

“Have you seen the cashmere seats?” Kardashian asked Jenner.

“You cannot get your spray tan on my cashmere seats.”

“Usually planes are dark with lighter leather—mine, I had custom all light wood,” Kardashian explained during the official Kim Air tour.

“I had a bathroom put in the front, a bathroom in the back.

Each seat is equipped with its own phone charger. The plane's most remarkable feature is that everything is made of cashmere. The ceilings, pillows, and headrests are all cashmere.

“I feel like I'm doing an MTV Cribs for planes, ugh, what a dream!”

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