Lana Rhodes Reveals Jaw-Dropping Pay Per Scene as Former Top Adult Star!

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Lana Rhoades, a 27-year-old ex-porn , is revealing the harsh truths about the industry, debunking the glamorous image of fame and often linked to adult .

During a recent interview on the Curious Mike talk show, she openly talked about the ups and downs of her career. She expressed her wish to delete all her videos from the permanently.

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Rhoades started her career in the industry after working at the bold restaurant chain Hooters. She was attracted to the adult entertainment world as a way to secure her financial stability. Although she quickly gained fame and achieved success, Rhoades disclosed that her earnings did not match her popularity, as she only made $1,200 per scene.

Rhoades shared troubling experiences from the industry, which went beyond just financial worries. One scene, in particular, was so distressing that it left her traumatized. These experiences, along with her longing for a better beyond the industry, ultimately pushed her to leave it all behind.

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Rhoades' exit from the industry was a pivotal moment for her. Switching to platforms like OF, she achieved financial prosperity, going from a small bank account to a multi-millionaire. In addition to wealth, Rhoades focused on her and overall wellness, starting a path of self-discovery and transformation.

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