Mia Khalifa reveals her real name in her instagram.

Mia Khalifa leaves fans 'feeling stupid' after adding real name to Instagram bio

Despite being recognized globally, the name of the ex-porn star “Mia Khalifa” is incorrect.

It's one of those ideas that pop into your mind while you're taking a shower…are Mia Khalifa and Wiz Khalifa ?

Their family gatherings would definitely be lively, but unfortunately, the ex-adult actress and the American rapper are not related.

I dislike being the person to inform you, but both of them don't use their real names professionally – so they simply chose the surname Khalifa randomly when it came to selecting a stage name.

It's an Arabic term that signifies successor, leader, or ruler, as well as wisdom. It not only sounds nice but also has a meaningful significance. Let's revisit this later on.

Mia surprised her fans this week when they found out that her famous name wasn't actually given to her by her parents.

The businesswoman changed her real name on her bio, but kept the same username, causing confusion among many users.

Someone asked: “Do you feel foolish for thinking her actual name was Mia Khalifa?”

Another person chimed in, saying: “Wait, her name is not Mia Khalifa?!”

Another person added, “To be honest, I didn't realize that wasn't her actual name until I searched for it just now.”

One person expressed their skepticism by saying, “I won't trust anything if ‘Mia Khalifa' isn't her real name.”

If you haven't already checked Mia's Instagram bio to see her name, you might be surprised to learn that she goes by Sarah Joe Chamoun.



It's clear that her stage name is much more appealing than her real name, which is why she decided to pause it while working in the adult film industry.

However, fans believe that she may be beginning to accept it after including it in her biography.

Now that we've addressed the obvious issue, let's explore the origin of Mia's notorious title.

She entered the adult industry in October 2014, after a approached her with an offer for nude modeling.

Like many adult entertainers, she chose to go by a fake name in the adult film industry and settled on Mia Khalifa, inspired by her pet and a musician.

She named herself Mia after her dog, and used the musician's stage name for the rest.



At 31 years old, the model only worked in adult entertainment for a short , but she soon rose to fame as one of the porn stars.

Mia expected to make a lot of money in the industry, but she only ended up with a small amount of $12,000 (£9,650). She also mentioned that she never received any more money after that.

She expressed her fear about the challenge of finding a regular job after leaving the adult film industry.

Fortunately, she can use her actual name on her CV instead of Mia Khalifa in large font. However, let's face it, whoever interviews her will likely recognize her from her previous profession.

Image Credit: Instagram/miakhalifa

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