WhatsApp: Biggest Change in Years Coming Soon!

WhatsApp confirms biggest change to app in years that's about to hit your phone

WhatsApp has clarified the reasons behind the changes, stating that the update will be available for both Android and iPhone users.

I can't recall the most recent I sent an SMS text message.

WhatsApp completely dominated the world of instant messaging from the moment it was launched on smartphones in 2009.

Interestingly, the application was given the name ‘WhatsApp' by the co-owner to resemble the phrase ‘what's up'. However, it can be said that this name didn't become popular.

Recently, the app, now owned by Meta, made some major updates for iPhone and Android.

WhatsApp has taken over the instant messaging scene. (Getty Stock Images)

WhatsApp has taken over the instant messaging scene. (Getty Images)

New colour palette

Fans have been requesting a ‘darker dark mode', and WhatsApp has enhanced it by increasing the contrast and using deeper tones to help reduce eye strain in low-light settings.

Idit Yaniv, WhatsApp Head at Meta, mentioned that they reviewed more than 35 variations before deciding on WhatsApp's signature green, creating a palette that enables seamless color combinations in the app.

We have also expanded the use of neutral colors, which allows us to carefully choose when and how we incorporate green.

Dark mode is getting darker. (Meta)

Dark mode is getting darker. (Meta)

Updating icons and illustrations

The tech has also refreshed its icons with a new rounded and outlined style, aiming for a more playful look.

Yaniv mentioned that they are updating the default chat background to make it more unique and relevant to daily conversations, as most users preferred using the doodle.

Our team carefully examined each artwork in the doodle and discovered fresh possibilities that were both simple in style and more inclusive, showcasing a wide range of individuals and objects.

How the app has looked over the years. (Meta)

How the app has looked over the years. (Meta)

Making navigation easier

Android devices are receiving an updated bottom navigation bar to help users locate items quickly.

Yaniv claims that positioning tabs nearer to users' thumbs provides a more intuitive way to navigate and aligns with the current Android user experience.

Sharing photos and videos on iOS has become simpler thanks to the new attachment layout. Instead of a full screen menu, there is now an expandable tray that makes it easier to view features when sending media, polls, documents, and more.

WhatsApp said it 'considered over 35 different colour iterations'. (Meta)

WhatsApp said it ‘considered over 35 different colour iterations'. (Meta)

Better chat management

The design leader claims that WhatsApp has developed improved tools for organizing messages.

She explains that we have recently added chat filters to assist you in finding important conversations more quickly. By relocating the navigation bar to the bottom on Android, we were able to position the filters at the of the chats list. This enables people to easily locate the appropriate conversations without having to scroll through their entire inbox.

You can now easily choose between unread and group filters by tapping to see messages you missed or your favorite group chats.

The technology company clarifies that there is no option to decline the update, and it will be distributed to everyone worldwide in due course.
Image Credit: Matt Cardy//Getty Stock Images

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