Mystery Met Gala ‘Best Dressed’ Guest Unveiled, Sending Shockwaves

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Businesswoman and generous donor Mona Patel made a lot of girls happy when she attended the famous Met Gala for the first . She was styled by the well-known Law Roach, who has also styled celebrities like Zendaya, this year's co-host.

Originally from Vadodara, Gujarat, Patel moved to the to pursue higher education at Rutgers University. In 2003, she decided to settle there and establish herself as an entrepreneur. Over the years, Patel has successfully built a million-dollar empire consisting of various businesses. One of her notable endeavors is Couture For Cause, a non-profit organization that combines her for with her philanthropic efforts to support important causes. Through auctions of unique couture pieces, including some from her personal collection, Patel has raised significant funds and donations. Her achievements have even earned her an invitation to the prestigious Met Gala in , known as fashion's Superbowl.

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Patel wore a special Iris Van Herpen to the event. She worked with artist Casey Curran to add moving flower petals to the gown, making it stand out on the red carpet. The detailed took a month to create and was revealed at the gala.

Patel explained that she chose her debut outfit to honor her heritage and passion for high fashion. When she learned about the theme, she immediately of Iris Van Herpen. The Dutch designer, famous for her -inspired avant-garde creations, crafted a breathtaking nude gown with a butterfly-shaped corset and scalloped , named “Garden of Time.”

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Patel sought help from image architect Law Roach to make her vision a reality. They worked together for months, even traveling to Mumbai to work with the Iris Van Herpen team and choose stunning jewelry for the red carpet. Their careful planning paid off with a flawless appearance at the Met Gala, highlighting Patel's impeccable style and commitment to excellence.

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