Sydney Sweeney from Euphoria practiced MMA with Ronda Rousey’s group

Sydney Sweeney is a skilled actress recognized for portraying Cassie Howard in the hit shows Euphoria and The White Lotus. She has shown that she is not just a TV .

Sweeney's recent disclosure about her participation in mixed martial arts has caused quite a stir, especially considering her two Primetime Emmy Awards nominations.

She showed her commitment to the sport by training with UFC legend Ronda Rousey.

Fans have definitely noticed Sweeney's involvement in the MMA world. She has been seen at big UFC events, fully embracing the exciting atmosphere of the sport. One event that stood out was UFC 288 on May 6, where Dillon Danis couldn't help but notice her and asked for a photo together.

Sweeney's in mixed martial arts goes beyond just curiosity. In an interview, she shared that she started training in MMA when she was only 14 years old, and began competing at 18.

Sweeney said that she participated in a grappling competition where all the participants were guys from a higher weight category. Despite that, she managed to secure the first place. Although the guys might have claimed that they didn't want to harm her, it was clear that they were giving their best. The intensity of the competition was such that everyone ended up sweating.

She mentioned that she had to halt her training because of her acting commitments in The White Lotus and Euphoria.

Sweeney shared on The Kelly Clarkson Show how her parents encouraged her to embrace a wide range of interests, but she humorously admitted that she ended up breaking all the rules she was supposed to follow.

Sweeney fondly recalled a remarkable grappling competition where she triumphed over male opponents in a weight category above her own. Despite being underestimated initially, her opponents quickly realized her exceptional skills, resulting in intense battles and earning her undeniable admiration.

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