ZF Lifetec Revolutionizes Steering Wheel with Innovative Airbag Redesign.

The German parts has transformed the steering wheel by introducing an innovative new airbag .

ZF Lifetec

Airbags have traditionally been placed in the middle of steering wheels, but ZF has come up with a new design where they deploy from the of the wheel, allowing for more design options.

ZF Lifetec, the passive systems division of the company, created a unique steering wheel and airbag. In the event of a crash, the airbag deploys from the top of the wheel and extends below the upper rim towards the driver. ZF claims that this innovative design upholds safety standards and opens up new opportunities for the central hub of the steering wheel.

ZF Lifetec

ZF Lifetec's initial steering wheel showcases a fresh airbag design, comprising of a sleek black panel that stretches across the wheel's center.

The design of this car is smooth and simple, with the buttons placed in the center like many other cars. To enhance this , car manufacturers could add controls on the steering wheel that respond to pressure, or replace the airbag with a screen.

Furthermore, ZF claims that their newest wheel has the ability to detect hands-on contact beneath the leather, determining if the driver is touching or firmly holding the wheel.

ZF has yet to confirm if their new steering wheel airbag design is ready for production or when it will be implemented in new vehicles. However, this advancement is sure to attract the of automotive interior designers who want to simplify bulky steering wheel designs.

ZF Lifetec
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