Henry Cavill mentioned that he fails to see the purpose of sex scenes in movies.

Henry Cavill

I feel like they're used too much nowadays…I'm not really into doing them. – “Henry Cavill”

I feel like they're used too much nowadays…I'm not really into doing them.”Henry Cavill shared his thoughts on scenes in movies, stating that he believes they are overused in today's films.

Every single day, discussions about sex scenes take place on . In just the past year, Poor Things received criticism for its explicit moments, Red, White & Royal Blue was commended for its genuine portrayal of gay sex scenes, and Saltburn sparked debates among viewers with its period and grave scenes.

Henry Cavill has just joined the conversation and openly admitted that he doesn't really like sex scenes. He finds them difficult to comprehend.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill says he doesn't “understand” the point of sex scenes in movies. Picture: Mike Marsland/WireImage,

Henry shared on the Happy Sad Confused that he doesn't really get sex scenes in movies and doesn't particularly like them. He mentioned that there are times when a sex scene can add value to a movie, but he also feels that they are sometimes unnecessary and used too frequently nowadays.

Henry described feeling unsure if a situation was necessary or if it was just people being scantily clad, making him uncomfortable and feeling like there was no real purpose.

Henry added, “In many cases, our imagination is more powerful than explicit sex scenes. I believe it's a bit lazy for a or TV show to rely heavily on showing gyrating bodies. What purpose does it serve?”

Henry stated that he doesn't enjoy doing them.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill in The Tudors. Picture: 

Henry has previously appeared in TV shows like The Tudors and The Witcher, where he filmed intimate scenes. During the filming of The Tudors, there was an uncomfortable incident when he unexpectedly got an erection during a sex scene and had to apologize to his co-.

Henry spoke to Men's Fitness about a regrettable event in 2015, mentioning that it only occurred once. He described a situation where a girl was on of him, causing him to become aroused unexpectedly.

Henry expressed that he needed to “sincerely apologize” later. He admitted, “It's not ideal when someone gets aroused in a professional acting setting, is it?” He added, “No, it's not acceptable.”

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