Woman Sparks Debate by Pulling Kids from School, Calling it a ‘Prison’

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A mother decided to take her two daughters out of regular school because she thinks it's like a prison. Cassyanne Clark removed her daughters Bug, 8, and Bunny, 9, from formal schooling because she doesn't agree with how classrooms are set up, the lessons taught, and the curriculum.

She has her own reason for homeschooling her kids.

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Clark, recognizing that parents homeschool for different reasons, stated, “I believe that school is like a prison. Children spend eight hours a day in a classroom, instructed not to talk to their peers, required to raise their before speaking, and sometimes not allowed to use the restroom. They only get one hour of sunlight each day.”

She added, “In my opinion, children gain more from the real world than from being confined to a classroom learning about subjects they may never apply in the future.”

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In order to offer her daughters a unique education, Clark invests between £400 and £500 each month on private tutoring. She highlights that the rest of their week is focused on making lasting memories, such as learning to cook with their grandmother, attending swimming lessons, and sometimes completing educational workbooks.

Clark, the owner of a business, is confident that this method provides a higher quality of upbringing for her daughters. She emphasizes the significance of literacy, numeracy, and cultivating strong interpersonal abilities, stating, “They don't have to spend so much in school. Besides memorizing multiplication tables, everything else – like Algebra, etc. – can be looked up online or solved with a calculator.”

She has achieved success as a business owner despite lacking a formal education background.

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In a video with almost 500,000 views, Clark shared her belief that common sense and learning from others are important. She encourages reading books and studying, hoping her daughters will do the same. She also mentioned that traveling and experiencing the world is more valuable than time spent in the classroom.

She expressed her readiness to support her daughters in obtaining qualifications and is considering private schooling for them in the future. “My daughters have seen me and our create successful businesses without depending on anything else,” she explained. “I didn't even finish high school, yet I managed to establish several fantastic businesses, proving that qualifications aren't always necessary.”

As long as my daughters have me alive and well, they can have me by their side every single day. However, there will come a time when I won't be here anymore.

The decision made by Clark received overwhelming support from the online community. Many comments poured in, including one that said, “Schools are a complete letdown! They don't educate or provide any practical knowledge! I totally agree!”.

Yet, there were some who had doubts. A user mentioned, “I really like the , but my mom let me quit school after my GCSEs 25 years back, and I wish she had motivated me to continue.”

Clark's opinion on homeschooling has caused both praise and criticism, highlighting a continuous discussion about the efficiency and suitability of conventional educational methods.

Whitney Kittrell, a 27-year-old single mother, works hard to create a loving home for her two children even though their father is not around. She goes above and beyond to be both a mother and a father figure for her kids. Read about her journey here.

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